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Meret Optical Communications ADS 53x DDS Synthesizer Stimulus Generating Equipment Frequency Synthesizers  
  Low cost and compact, the ADS 53x direct digital synthesizers combine high speed, quadrature output, modest power, and broad bandwidth into products that are easy to integrate into your system.
Meret Optical Communications, Inc. ND500/ND1000 Direct Analog Synthesizers Stimulus Generating Equipment Frequency Synthesizers Analog
  100k-500 MHz/100 kHz to 1 GHz, 0.1 Hz, BCD, IEEE, RS232, keyboard 20 Ásec switching.
Meret Optical Communications, Inc. DCP-1 DDS Chirp Synthesizer Stimulus Generating Equipment Frequency Synthesizers Stand Alone
  The DCP-1 direct digital synthesizer can produce linear FM waveforms over a broad frequency range, with an exceptional update rate. Operating with a 500 MHz clock, the DCP-1 can synthesize a new frequency every two nanoseconds.

3 Records Found