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18 Records Found
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ASCOR, Inc. 4000 Series Switch Modules Switching Products Multiplexers and Switching Modules VXI
  Designed with a high speed VXI interface (VXImax™) for modularity, a high bandwidth analog back-plane, split planes to isolate noise (digital, chassis, analog), and added intelligence so that the Plug-N-Play software can detect the configuration.
ASCOR, Inc. 3000 Series VXI Switch Modules Switching Products Switching Matrices VXI
  The 3000 Series VXI modules support a bandwidth from DC to 26.5GHz. Optical 1x2 switches are also supported.
ASCOR, Inc. 7000 Series Switch Modules Switching Products Multiplexers and Switching Modules PXI
  Ascor's new line of CompactPCI and PXI switch modules offer the performance that rival even our 3000 Series modules. The 7000 Series product line offers the same high quality, low noise designs for both the PXI user and the CompactPCI user.
Cytec CY/128 Switching Products Switching Matrices VXI
  The CY/128 Multiplexer is designed for general purpose signal switching in C sized VXI systems. The module has 8 seperate 8X1 two pole multiplex sections and two form-C relays for sub-multiplexing.
Cytec CX Series Switching Products Switching Matrices VXI
  8 by 8 Matrix Switch Modules
Digalog Systems Inc. 32 Channel FET Switch Card Switching Products Relay PXI
  The 6614 offers bilateral isolated FET switching for loads up to 1. Each channel can carry up to 1A at 100 volts DC or AC switching voltage. The 6614 utilize the compact 3U form factor.amp and 60 volts.
Digalog Systems Inc. 48 Channel Reed Relay Card Switching Products Relay PXI
  The P6606 High Reliability Reed Relay Card constists of fourty-eight (48) Ruthenium coated Form A reed relaysm each capable of 1A of current at 100 V DC/100VAC.
Digalog Systems Inc. 24 x 4 Matrix Relay Card Switching Products Relay PXI
  The 24 x 4 Matrix Relay Card (part number 0000-6624) puts a 24-channel by 4-bus matrix into a compact 3U PXI slot, making it ideal for resource-intensive test applications.
Digalog Systems Inc. DigESwitch Switching Products Switching Matrices LXI
  The DigESwitch is a versatile, low-cost, 10/100 Ethernet-controlled relay switching solution. The 2U 19" rack-mount chassis offers full-capacity configuration features 230 channels x 8 buses that can switch up to 1.0A, 150VDC/100VAC off-state iso.
Digalog Systems, Inc. 64 Channel Digital Input/Output Card Switching Products Relay PXI
  The P6640 provides direct interface to TTL logic. 64 of the channel's states are configureable per byte as outputs, or tri-state. 32 channels of I/O in combination with 32 channel of auxiliary I/O provides more versitility beyond 32 bit applications
Digalog Systems, Inc. 32 Channel Discrete Switching Card Switching Products Relay PXI
  The 32-Channel Discrete Switching Card (part number 0000-6622) occupies a single 3U slot and is aimed at test applications where unit-under-test response to leaky and dirty input switch contacts must be verified.
Digalog Systems. Inc. 48 Channel Open Collector I/O Card Switching Products Relay PXI
  The Open Collector DIO provides direct interface to TTL, but extends the logic level to much higher voltages with much higher driver currents. All 48 Channel states can be individually configured as open collector or low-side drivers.
Electro Standards Laboratory QuickSwitch 4185 Switching Products Multiplexers and Switching Modules Fiber Optics
  Fiber Optic Switch/Converter allows accessing two separate fiber optic 100 Base FX ports (ports A & B) from a 100 Base TX Fast Ethernet port (COMMON port).
Pickering Interfaces LXI Power Sequencer Switching Products Power Sequencer LXI
  The 60-200 provides a means of remotely controlling the power status of up to 8 instruments in a system through an LXI enabled power sequencer.
PXIT PX2000-101 High Density Matrix Switch Switching Products Switching Matrices PXI
  40 x 4 Channel single pole reed relay matrix switch
Quatech, Inc. PXB-721 Switching Products Multiplexers and Switching Modules  
  Three 8255 PPI chips,each providing 24 digital I/O lines-72 total,accomodates enhancement DA modules
Signametrics SMX4030 Switching Products Multiplexers and Switching Modules PXI
  SMX4030 Series of 35-channel relay-switching modules for PXI/CompactPCI, designed specifically for measurements. Applications: Test systems, Production testing, Sensors and Transducer Mnf., Semiconductors Tests, High End Data Acquisition/Logging
Signametrics SM4040 series Switching Products Multiplexers and Switching Modules PXI
  SM4040 series of high-density PCI plug-in 40 and 20 channel relay Switching Modules; designed for applications requiring precision signal switching. Need to switch low-level signals & maintain high integrity? these scanners are the best for the job.

18 Records Found