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AEMC Instruments MN306 MN300 Series AC Current Probes Sensors Current  
  Designed for low AC current measurements up to 10A, such as secondary of CTs or even small motors and appliances. It offers a higher voltage output of 100mV per Amp (1VAC @ 10AAC) for enhanced sensitivity at lower levels.
Applied Microsystems Micro P Sensors Pressure  
  The Micro P is a highly accurate pressure sensor contained within a pressure housing with a 33mm diameter.
Brel & Kjr Acoustic Transducers Sensors Sound  
  In the world of measurement grade microphones, Bruel & Kjaer has always been the standard that others have tried to follow.
Edmund Industrial Optics Silicon Detectors Sensors Optical Detectors  
  Through the photovoltaic effect, detectors provide a means of transforming light energy to an electrical current. The root of the theory behind this phenomenon is a small energy gap between the valence and conduction bands of the detector.
Endevco - Meggitt Aerospace Div. Model 8511A Sensors Accelorometers  
  A rugged, piezoresistive pressure transducer for high pressures. It has a 3/8-inch mounting thread and is available in ranges from 5000 to 30 000 psig.
Endevco - Meggitt Aerospace Div. Model 8507C Sensors Accelorometers  
  A miniature piezoresistive pressure transducer frequently used for measuring high intensity sound. It employs a four-active arm strain gage bridge diffused into a sculptured silicon diaphragm providing measurement from DC toover 15 000 Hz.
Entran Devices, Inc. EGA Miniature Accelerometer Sensors Accelorometers Miniature
  0.5 grams nom. without leads, the EGA barely affects the mass of the system it is mounted upon. 0.7 cr. nom. damping removes resonant peaks and thereby eliminates the fragility normally associated with miniature accelerometers.
Entran Devices, Inc. EPXM High Stability Sensors Pressure  
  Its beam welded construction, 10-32UNF, M5, 3/8-24UNF or M10 threads and built-in O-ring seal allow simple mounting to test objects and use in corrosive media compatible with 304SS and APX4 with appropriate O-ring materials.
ETS-Lindgren Ferromagnetic Detection System Sensors Magnetic Field  
  ETS-Lindgren's Ferromagnetic Detection System is an alarm system designed to mitigate patient injury and equipment damage that can occur when ferromagnetic objects are brought into the magnetic field of an MRI.
Futek T5102 Reaction Torque Sensor Sensors Force  
  Capacity 0.3 in-lb Material Aluminum Resistance 350 ohms Rated Output (R.O.) 1.5 mV/V nom Safe Overload 150% of R.O. . Excitation (VDC or VAC) 18 max., 10 test . Bridge Resistance 350 ohms nom
GMC Instruments WZ11B 200A AC Clip-On Current Sensor Sensors Current  
  adjustable 0,5.. 20AAC, ..100mV/AAC, 3%, 5 .. 200AAC, ..10mV/AAC, 3%,
GMW Associates MAG-01 Fluxgate Transducers Sensors Magnetic Field  
  High sensitivity and accuracy for low magnetic fields. Magnetic fields from appliances and equipment, site surveys and monitoring. Active magnetic field cancellation.
Kahn Instruments Cermet II Hygrometer Sensors Humidity  
  Dewpoints from -110C to +20C Pressures to 5000 PSIG C, F, #/MMSCF and PPMV displays 4-20mA or 0-10VDC outputs Pressure compensated PPMV and #/MMSCF
Lake Shore Cryotronics Hall Generators Sensors Magnetic Field  
  A Hall generator is a solid state sensor which provides an output voltage proportional to magnetic flux density. As implied by its name, this device relies on the Hall effect.
Macro Sensors PR 750 General Purpose LVDT Position Sensors Sensors Position  
  Series of 3/4 inch (19 mm) diameter AC-Operated LVDTs are general purpose contactless linear position sensors for both OEM applications and end user requirements.
Magnetic Shield Corp Model EF-401 Magnetic Shield Gaussmeter Sensors Magnetic Field  
  A cost effective, handheld, single-axis magnetic field meter that provides the user with a quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation levels generated by power lines, cables, computer monitors, TV sets, etc.
Newport Electronics iTHX Sensors Humidity  
  The NEWPORT iTHX transmitter let's you monitor and record Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point over an Ethernet network or the Internet with no special software except a Web Browser.
Newport Electronics i32 / iS32 Series Sensors Temperature  
  The NEWPORT i32 is the iSeries meter (i3200) and controller (i32) in the extremely compact and increasingly popular 1/32 DIN size. The iS32 has built-in excitation for bridge transducers, 5Vdc @ 40 mA or 10 Vdc @ 60mA.
OMEGA ENGINEERING, INC. (*)SS Series NHX Thermocouple Sensors Temperature  
  High Temperature Quick Disconnect Thermocouples with NHX Connector, Model Number NHX Ceramic Connector rated to 650C (1200F )
OMEGA ENGINEERING, INC. LC901 Bolt Sensors Sensors Force  
  A compression load cell designed to measure the clamping force of a bolt. With excellent long term stability and all stainless steel construction, the LC900 Series delivers high reliability in severe industrial environments.

    1 - 20
of 39 Records
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