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9 Records Found
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SyntheSys Research, Inc. BERTScope™ 12500A Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  BERTScopes are the industry's first multi-Gb/s instruments that combine the eye diagram analysis capabilities of high-bandwidth sampling oscilloscopes together with BER pattern generation and analysis.
Aeroflex Incorporated 2851 Digital Communications Analyzer Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  Desktop and rack mountable digital testers for a wide range of E1 and data measurement applications up to 9 Mbit/s. Options and variants for T1, E3, E4, Eurocom, structured data. Applications in R&D, factory test, installation and maintenance.
Aeroflex Incorporated 2843 Digital Communications Analyzer Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  Hand-held, high capability testing for E1 and data line systems and equipment. QUICK menus allow single page setup and test for quick and easy installation and maintenance measurements. STANDARD menus allow comprehensive detailed testing.
Aeroflex Incorporated FB100A Bit Error Rate Test System Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  With operation from DC to 160 Mb/s, serial and/or parallel data interfacing and INSTALOK™ synchronization, the versatility of the FB100A provides the flexibility to connect to most users' terminal equipment or evaluation boards. Eb/No v BER Option.
Agilent Technologies - Automated Test Group N4901B Serial BERT 13.5 Gb/s Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  Covers frequency ranges from 150 Mb/s to 13.5 Gb/s. Provides clock data recovery (CDR), enhanced jitter capabilities and unrivalled analysis and measurement functionalities for both present and future test needs.
Anritsu Company Pulse Pattern Generator MP1761C / Error Detector M Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  The MP1761C Pulse Pattern Generator/MP1762C Error Detector are 12.5 Gbit/s BERTS (Bit Error Rate Test Set) developed for evaluation and inspection of 10 Gbit/s transmission equipment, modules, and devices.
Anritsu Company 43.5Gbit/s BERT System ME7750A/B Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  In addition to use as a 43.5 Gbit/s ultra-fast multiplexer and demultiplexer, the 43.5 Gbit/s BERT system can be configured as a 4-channel error detector based on conventional pulse pattern generators and error detectors.
International Data Sciences IDS Model 77 Bit Error Rate Test Set Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers  
  Tests Sync/Async Wide Area Networks including Full and Fractional T1 and E1 Asynchronous data rates up to 115.2 kbps; Synchronous data rates up to 16 Mbps
PXIT PX2000-336 4.25 GHz BERT Measuring Equipment Bit Error Rate Testers PXI
  Consists of a high accuracy clock source, data pattern generator and error detector. It will automatically perform Bit Error Rate analysis to characterize the quality of devices from 1.0625Gbps to 4.25Gbps.

9 Records Found