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7 Records Found
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Agilent Technologies - Automated Test Group 34410A Digital Multimeter, 6 1/2 Digit High Perfor Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) LXI
  The 34410A is a 6 1/2 digit, dual display, benchtop and Agilent Open digital multimeter featuring 10,000 readings per second at 5 1/2 digits, datalogging wizard, resistance and frequency, and added LAN, USB and GPIB connectivity. Complies with LXI.
California Instruments Lx Series II Power Sources Power Supplies and Sources LXI
  The Lx Series represents a modern AC power source that addresses increasing demands on test equipment to perform more functions at a lower cost.
Digalog Systems Inc. DigESwitch Switching Products Switching Matrices LXI
  The DigESwitch is a versatile, low-cost, 10/100 Ethernet-controlled relay switching solution. The 2U 19" rack-mount chassis offers full-capacity configuration features 230 channels x 8 buses that can switch up to 1.0A, 150VDC/100VAC off-state iso.
Pickering Interfaces LXI Chassis 60-100-001 Mechanical and Packaging Chassis LXI
  The 60-100 and 60-101 chassis are fully compliant with Functional Class C of the LXI standard. They allow 3U PXI switching modules to be supported in a LXI compliant environment. The 60-100 is 7 or less slots and the 60-101 supports up to 13 slots.
Pickering Interfaces LXI Power Sequencer Switching Products Power Sequencer LXI
  The 60-200 provides a means of remotely controlling the power status of up to 8 instruments in a system through an LXI enabled power sequencer.
Rohde & Schwartz GmbH LXI class C Measuring Equipment   LXI
  Equipped with an integrated web server, LXI instruments can be easily configured via a uniform web browser interface.
VXI Technology EX2500 Measuring Equipment   LXI
  Up to 10 kM distance from PC to mainframe through fiberoptic interface. 40 MB/s block transfer rates. Embedded Web Interface provides interactive utility to control instruments. Rack-Rack TTL trigger extension through on-board LXI Trigger Bus.

7 Records Found