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Advanced Power Designs VXI600 VXI Power Supply Module Power Sources Power Supplies and Sources VXI
  Up to 600W of DC on the triple outputs, 0-20V, 0-60V, 0-120V programmable with a constant power envelope of 20A per output.
Agilent Technologies - Automated Test Group E6432A VXI Microwave Synthesizer, 10 MHz to 20 GHz Stimulus Generating Equipment Frequency Synthesizers VXI
  A C-size, 3 slot, register-based VXI module. It covers the frequency range of 10 MHz to 20 GHz with 1 Hz resolution. Its amplitude range is from -90 dBm to +20 dBm.
ASCOR, Inc. 4000 Series Switch Modules Switching Products Multiplexers and Switching Modules VXI
  Designed with a high speed VXI interface (VXImax™) for modularity, a high bandwidth analog back-plane, split planes to isolate noise (digital, chassis, analog), and added intelligence so that the Plug-N-Play software can detect the configuration.
ASCOR, Inc. 3000 Series VXI Switch Modules Switching Products Switching Matrices VXI
  The 3000 Series VXI modules support a bandwidth from DC to 26.5GHz. Optical 1x2 switches are also supported.
BF Goodrich, JC Air 53A-522-1V Digital Multimeter Card Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) VXI
  Fully programmable 4 ½ digit guarded, dual slope, integrating system multimeter. Self calibrating with 15 readings/sec.
Bustec ProDAQ 3042 Controllers Instrument Controllers (Computers) VXI
  State-of-the-art PowerPC 7410 at 500 MHz; 64 MB to 1 GB ECC-protected DRAM, 16+1 MB FLASH; Two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Ports. Two PMC Expansion Slots
C&H Technologies, Inc. VX441C Stimulus Generating Equipment Digital I/O VXI
  The VX441C module provides 96 bits of tri-stateable TTL or CMOS I/O designed to provide data transfers at up to 2 Mbytes/second.
C&H Technologies, Inc. VX461C Stimulus Generating Equipment Frequency Synthesizers VXI
  Each channel operates independently over a frequency range of 15.26 milli-hertz (mHz) to 10MHz with a programming resolution from 1ms down to 50ns.
C&H Technologies, Inc. VX462B Pulse Generator Module Stimulus Generating Equipment Signal, Pulse and Pattern Generators VXI
  20 MHz pulse generator with additional 40 MHz square wave capability. Its operating modes are Normal, Triggered, Gated, Delayed pulse and Double Pulse (second pulse occurs "delay" time after Trigger Out).
C&H Technologies, Inc. VX491C Counter/Clock Module Stimulus Generating Equipment Signal, Pulse and Pattern Generators VXI
  single slot register-based C-size VXIbus compatible special purpose counter/clock module designed for precise timing, counting, delayed pulse generation and event measurement applications. Provides a stable 10 MHz clock source.
Cal-Av Labs 992x Stimulus Generating Equipment Audio Signal Sources VXI
  Programmable Attenuators
Cytec CY/128 Switching Products Switching Matrices VXI
  The CY/128 Multiplexer is designed for general purpose signal switching in C sized VXI systems. The module has 8 seperate 8X1 two pole multiplex sections and two form-C relays for sub-multiplexing.
Cytec CX Series Switching Products Switching Matrices VXI
  8 by 8 Matrix Switch Modules
GÖPEL electronic GmbH VXI 1149.1 Boundary Scan Controller Testability and Built-In Test Products/Servic Boundary-Scan Test VXI
  The VXI SCAN COMMANDER™ VSC 1149.1 is a complete Boundary Scan tester and can be remote controlled by a host via VXI-bus (IEEE 1155). It additionally has a local debug port on the basis of RS 232. It covers the upper performance class of BScan.
Highland Technology V980 Time-to-Digital Converter Measuring Equipment Counters-Timers VXI
  16-channel time-to-digital converter used to record the time of occurrence of 16 independent electrical pulse inputs, each measured relative to a single, common reference input. Can time its event "hit" with 48.82-picosecond resolution.
Interface Technology Digital Stimulus / Response Testers Automatic Test Equipment Functional Board Testers VXI
  DSRs Simulate Actual Signal Environment. In the world of functional digital test, the Digital Stimulus/Response (DSR) subsystem is the most flexible and widely used tool available to the test engineer.
KineticSystems V625 Time Interval Counter Measuring Equipment Counters-Timers VXI
  A single-width, C-size, register-based, VXIbus module that contains six channels of time interval counters.
Morrow Technologies V9054 VXI Spectrum Analyzer Measuring Equipment Spectrum Analyzers VXI
  Covers the frequency range of 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz. Covers communication bands including the 900 MHz cellular band. Performs non-linear sweeps.
Northrop Grumman Corp. AN/GSM-397(V) Electronic Systems Test Set Automatic Test Equipment Functional Board Testers VXI
  Combines the versatility and flexibility of commercial VXI instrument standards with the requirement for rugged, sophisticated and readily transportable avionics test equipment. ESTS is part of the Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE),
Racal Instruments, Inc. Model 4152A 6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) VXI
  Combines DC and AC current and voltage measurements as well as 2/4 wire Ohms, frequency and DC ratio measurements into a one slot, C-sized VXIbus-based instrument. The 4152A includes instrument driver support for standard environments.

    1 - 20
of 25 Records
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