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Advantest America T5383 Parallel Memory Device Test System Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  With greater test resources than those of the T5377S, the T5383 supports greater device pin counts, and allows for higher levels of parallelism: up to 384 devices, 1.5 times greater than that of its predecessor.
Advantest America T5761/T5761ES Flast Memory Test System Automatic Test Equipment Memory Flash
  Tests NAND flash with significant reductions in test time, and with its 512-device parallel test capability, per-site architecture. Error Code Correction (ECC), and real-time test programming functionality greatly reduces test costs.
Aristo Computers, Inc. SIMCHECK II LT Plus Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  SIMCHECK II/II se Memory Testers - Refurbished. The SIMCHECK II LT Plus is perfect for testing all popular 168-pin PC133/100/66 SDRAM, EDO/FPM DIMM modules, as well as 72-pin SIMM modules.
Computer Service Technology SP3000 DDR & DDR2 Memory Tester Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  Portable stand alone and affordable memory tester, combining DIMM and SIMM testing capability all on the same universal base unit with optional easy plug-on test adapters. Equipped for testing memory from DDR2, DDR to SDRAM to EDO/DRAM memory.
Corelis, Inc. JTAG and ROM Emulators Automatic Test Equipment Memory ROM
  JTAG emulators utilize the industry standard IEEE-1149.1 JTAG Test port to access the internal debug resources available on each supported processor. Can be used to debug code in ROM, Flash and RAM.
Innoventions Incorporated RAMCHECK DDR2 Memory Tester Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  RAMCHECK DDR2 can be used "right out of the box." No lengthy manuals to wade through, no complex set up procedures to follow. Simply turn the unit on, insert your memory module into the rugged test socket, then press the start button.
Innoventions Incorporated RAMCHECK Plus Memory Tester Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  RAMCHECK PLUS (p/n INN-8668-PLUS) is our fourth generation memory tester that combines the popular RAMCHECK base tester and the powerful DDR 184-pin Adapter in one low-cost package.
International Microsystems, Inc. M7800 SD/MMC Engineering Tester Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  Engineering Testing of Standard and High Speed MMC cards Engineering Testing of Standard and High Capacity SD cards Optional 8 Socket Duplication Expansion Fully stand alone Linux system with Display and Ethernet connectivity
LogicVision, Inc. ETMemory Automatic Test Equipment Memory Embedded
  Provides a complete solution for at-speed testing, diagnosis and repair of embedded memories, targeted specifically for nanometer scale design.
Micro Control Company ABES-IV Automatic Burn-In/Environmental Systems Automatic Test Equipment Memory Burn-In
  • Tests 256 pins simultaneously • Up to 256 digital I/O channels per burn-in board • Up to 130 amps of programmable power to the devices under test (5 separate voltages). • Large system capacity of up to 32 burn-in boards.
Nextest Systems Corporation Magnum Series Automatic Test Equipment Memory Flash
  Your low-cost solution for mass production flash. The key to the Magnum’s low cost is its single board design, which combines the power of two 64-pin Maverick systems on a single Magnum site assembly.
Novtek Test Systems NTS600 Flash Memory Test System Automatic Test Equipment Memory Flash
  The system consists of a software based algorithmic pattern generator and a high speed 10MHz hardware based pattern generator for high throughput production testing. Complete DC parametric and functional tests are in parallel on up to 64 devices.
Prova Scientific Inc. AcurreXpress DDR-II Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  This testing system features a multi-head design for fast, reliable and safe production-volume testing and sorting. Tests all DRAM and SDRAM up to 667MHz. User-programmable algorithms Graphical user-interface Pre-defined algorithm sequences
Synopsys, Inc. Memory YieldDirector™ Automatic Test Equipment Memory Software
  Accelerates yield learning and root cause analysis for DRAM, SRAM and FLASH memories. Analysis algorithms classify failing bitmaps into unique signatures, and correlate them to in-line defect inspection data for defect to bitmap analysis.
Tanisys Technology M550 Flash Test System Automatic Test Equipment Memory Flash
  Designed for fully automated testing of SD, MMC, and Memory Stick Flash cards. Custom solutions for other card types or NAND device are also available.
Teradyne Semiconductor Test Division J750 Memory Test Option Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  The J750 Memory Test Option provides the hardware and software needed to test large embedded FLASH, DRAM, ROM and EEPROM found on today's VLSI devices. The system provides state-of-the-art hardware and software memory test tools.
Testmetrix VTE-2106/2 CompactFlash™ Tester Automatic Test Equipment Memory Engineering
  Portable engineering test system designed for test and duplication of CompactFlash Cards or Host device.
Trio-Tech International Pte Ltd COBIS II (COMPUTER OPERATING BURN-IN SYSTEM) Automatic Test Equipment Memory Burn-In
  COBIS II is a 48 channels high speed dynamic burn-in system that is fully computer control and monitored. It is capable of performing burn-in for memory (SDRAM, DRAM, SRAM, EEPROM, EPROM, FLASH) and logic devices.
Verigy US Inc. V5500 multi-chip packaged memory tester Automatic Test Equipment Memory  
  The tester-per-site architecture optimizes single insertion testing of MCPs with multiple memory types (including Flash, DRAM and SRAM) resulting in industry leading tester utilization and throughput.
Virage Logic STAR Memory System™ Automatic Test Equipment Memory Embedded
  The STAR Memory System provides the most integrated solution for the cost effective embedding, on-chip testing and repairing of multi-megabit memories.

    1 - 20
of 22 Records
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