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Advanced Microtechnology, Inc. OPTIMUM 200-VLSI Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In Components and Ics
  Currently has the highest number of independent test channels available in a monitored burn-in system. It has up to 512 independent I/O. Each test tray incorporates "distributed test architecture" - each test operates independent of any other tray.
Advanced Microtechnology, Inc. HPC-512/1028 Automated Burn-In Board Test Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In Boards
  Test system hardware will operate in a PC-compatible environment without additional control cables or hardware. Parametric test boards plug directly into backplane slots.
Golden Altos Burn-in Service Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In Services
  This test is performed for the purpose of screening or eliminating marginal devices, those with inherent defects or defects resulting from manufacturing aberrations which cause time and stress dependent failures.
ILX Lightwave LRS-9424B Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In  
  High density, low cost per channel. Supports simultaneous multiple temperatures from 40C to 150C. Optimized for TO-Can and TOSA package. Standard current ranges available up to 400mA
Incal Technology TRACER Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In  
  The Incal TRACER is a complete, turn-key burn-in system, customized to meet your specific testing requirements. The system embodies all of the outstanding features of Incal TRACER software and Incal Infinity board-level hardware.
Liberty Laboratories Dynamic or Static Burn-in Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In  
  Liberty's clock/driver card inventory includes circuitry for a wide variety of signal profiles with clock rates to 33 MHZ with 160 I/O channels.
Test Pro Systems ESS & Burn-in Systems Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In  
  Wide range of expertise for ESS & burn-in carts and fixtures. From highly reliable cart-based systems with powered actuators, high current interfaces, and on-board power distribution systems, to less-complex, low-cost test racks.
Triotech International COBIS II Automatic Test Equipment Burn-In  
  COBIS II is a 48 channels high speed dynamic burn-in system that is fully computer control and monitored. It is capable of performing burn-in for memory (SDRAM, DRAM, SRAM, EEPROM, EPROM, FLASH) and logic devices.

8 Records Found