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A.W. Sperry Instruments DM-4100A Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  Ranges: 18 Functions: 6 Display: 3.5 digit LCD 0.5
AEMC Instruments MX57EX Intrinsically Safe Digital Multimeters Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  An intrinisically safe digital multimeter designed for use is dangerous or explosive atmospheres. This meter is considered as a passive device without inductive or capacitive issues that are problematic in dangerous or explosive environments.
Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Stand Alone
  6.5 digit precision measurements for the price you would pay for 5.5 digits from other instrument suppliers. You will measure all day long with confidence (its 24-hour dc voltage accuracy is 0.0015%).
Specifications   LL:Lower Limit  NV:Nominal Value  UL:Upper Limit
Accuracy     UL: 0.0015 % 
       Comments: Percent of DC voltage measurement, 10V range, 24 hours. Total accxuracy would include 0.0004% of range.
Accuracy     UL: 2.9999999E-2 % 
       Comments: Percent of DC current measurement, 10mA range, 90 days. Total accuracy would include 0.02% of range.
Burden Voltage     UL: 0.1 volts DC 
       Comments: 10 mA range.
Burden Voltage     UL: 1.0 volts DC 
       Comments: 1A range.
Four-Wire Measurement      
IEEE 488 Interface      
Input Range Settings LL: 100.0 millivolts    UL: 1000.0 volts DC 
       Comments: DC Voltage
Input Range Settings LL: 10.0 milliamps    UL: 3.0 amps 
       Comments: DC current.
Measurement Resolution     UL: 7 digits 
Agilent Technologies - Automated Test Group 34410A Digital Multimeter, 6 1/2 Digit High Perfor Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) LXI
  The 34410A is a 6 1/2 digit, dual display, benchtop and Agilent Open digital multimeter featuring 10,000 readings per second at 5 1/2 digits, datalogging wizard, resistance and frequency, and added LAN, USB and GPIB connectivity. Complies with LXI.
Amprobe - A SPX Corporation AM-71 Digital Multimeter Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  RECORD mode, Data Store & Recall Dual display 4,000 or 40,000 Counts HOLD button Auto or Manual ranging Relative modes (Difference, Percent and Change Per Unit) Auto Power Off Analog bar-graph
B&K Precision Corporation Model #391A True RMS DMM Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  This meter has a dual injection molded case that allows a better grip and offers better meter protection. CE marked and UL listed. 4 1/2, 20000 count LCD display 0.05% basic accuracy Auto power off All current ranges are fused protected
B+K Precision Corporation 2880B DMM with Test Lead Set Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Stand Alone
  Highly flexible silicone test leads with sheathed (shrouded) 4mm banana plugs; Right-angle for the meter, straight for the accessories, 1.5 meters long. Rated IEC 61010-031 1000V CAT III / 600V CAT IV to 12A
Ballantine Laboratories Model 3205B Micro-Ohmmeter Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Stand Alone
  4˝ digit micro-ohmmeter makes high accuracy low resistance measurements with ease. The proven 4-wire measurement method cancels lead resistance errors inherent in 2 wire systems.
Bel Merit Wide Range DX460L Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  not only a full function digital multimeter, but also includes wide LCR ranges, auto-ranging frequency, logic (TTL & CMOS) measurement capabilities and more.
BF Goodrich, JC Air 53A-522-1V Digital Multimeter Card Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) VXI
  Fully programmable 4 ˝ digit guarded, dual slope, integrating system multimeter. Self calibrating with 15 readings/sec.
Brighton Electronics Summit 786 Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
Extech Instruments MultiView™ Series Digital MultiMeter Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  Manual Ranging Digital MultiMeter with Adjustable Viewing Angle Display Highest resolution, 20000 count (4-1/2 digits) display Basic DCV accuracy of 0.05% Capacitance and Frequency measurements Data Hold and overload alarm
Fluke Corp. Fluke 180 Series DMM Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  Features like faster readings. Extended ranges. Lower DC volts. Dual displays. Broader capacitance range. The ability to download data to your PC.
Fluke Corporation 8845A/8846A Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Stand Alone
  These meters exceed your expectations for performance and value, offering precision and versatility for bench or system applications. Features: 6.5 digit resolution; basic v dc accuracy up to 0.0024%; 2x4 ohms 4-wire measurements; graphical display.
Fluke Corporation 8845A/8846A 6.5 digit Precision Multimeters Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs)  
  At 6.5 digit precision these multimeters have the precision and versatility to handle your most demanding measurements, on the bench or in a system. These meters are both high performance and feature rich, yet also remarkably easy to use.
Geotest Inc. SMX204x PXI 6 ˝ Digit Digital Multimeter Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) PXI
  Plugs into any PXI or CompactPCI chassis to provide a combination of resolution, accuracy and speed that surpasses rivals. A 6-˝ digit display, 0.006% basic DCV accuracy and 1,000 rps assure you of measurements that are accurate, fast and repeatable.
GMC Instruments METRAHit 30M Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  6˝ place, precision TRMS laboratory multimeter, temperature measuring instrument and data logger. Display: +/- 1 200 000 digits Inherent deviation: +/-(35 ppm of reading + 70 ppm)
HC Protek B4100 - Bench Top Programmable Digital Multimeter Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Stand Alone
  • 5-1/2 Digit multimeter with selectable count resolutions up to 200,000 • True RMS and measures frequency • Selectable Count Resolutions: 2k, 20k, 200k • Auto-ranging • RS-232 interface standard and optional GPIB interface
Hioki USA 3255-50 DIGITAL HiTESTER Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Handheld
  Built-in current limiter and fuse capable of withstanding 600 V to prevent short-circuit accidents Automatic AC/DC discrimination function Wide range, maximum reading 4199 digit Two-terminal configuration
Instek America GDM-8246 Dual Display DMM Measuring Equipment Digital Multimeters (DMMs) Stand Alone
  50000 counts DMM; Multi-function ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, R, C, Hz, Continuity; Beeper, Diode; Test, Max/Min, REL, Hold, dBm, Compare; Dual Display Indicate ACV and Hz or DCV(ACV) and dBm; Manual or Autoranging; 0.02% DCV Accuracy

    1 - 20
of 39 Records
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