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11 Records Found
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Agilent Technologies - Measurement Systems Division   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
AIM USA   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
Catalyst Enterprises, Inc.   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
FuturePlus Systems Corp.   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
GE Fanuc Embedded Systems   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
GOEPEL Electronics GmbH   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
LeCroy Corporation   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
Orion Instruments OmniLab 9350 Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
  204 MHz timing and 34 MHz state sample rate, 48 timing and 48 state channels, 16 kbit memory/channel, up to 4 timing and 4 state trigger levels, can detect a 5 ns glitch.
Tektronix TLA600 Series Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
Specifications   LL:Lower Limit  NV:Nominal Value  UL:Upper Limit
Actions per If/Then Clause      
Active Clock Edge Separation LL: 5.0 nanoseconds     
Clock Pulse Width     UL: 2.0 nanoseconds 
Events per If/Then Clause      
Glitch Timing Resolution LL: 10.0 nanoseconds    UL: 50.0 milliseconds 
Independent IF/Then Clauses per State      
Independent Trigger States      
Internal Clock     UL: 100.0 Mhertz 
       Comments: State clock rate. 200MHz option.
Magnified View Timimg     UL: 2000.0 Mhertz 
Memory Depth LL: 64000 bytes    UL: 1000000 bytes 
       Comments: Full-channel.
Number of Input Channels LL: 34 channels    UL: 136 channels 
       Comments: TLA601/611/621: 34 channels (2 are clock channels). TLA602/612/622: 68 channels (4 are clock channels). TLA603/613/623: 102 channels (4 are clock and 2 are qualifier channels). TLA604/614/624: 136 channels (4 are clock and 4 are qualifier channels).
Setup-and-Hold Window   NV: 2.0 nanoseconds   
Unlimited Channel Grouping      
USB Port      
Thurlby-Thandar Instruments, Ltd. (TTI)   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  
VMETRO, Inc.   Measuring Equipment Logic Analyzers  

11 Records Found