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Saelig CleverScope CS328 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes  
  Two 10 bit analog channels sampling simultaneously at 100 MSa/sec. AC or DC coupled. Gain automatically set from 20mV full scale to 800V full scale by choosing graph view and probe switch setting.
Yokogawa Corp. of America DL9000 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  Full featured Digital Oscillscope offering 500MHz, 1GHz and 1.5GHz.
Agilent Technologies - Automated Test Group 54852A Infiniium Oscilloscope Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  2 GHz real-time bandwidth, supported on every channel by the 10 GSa/s sample rate. This sample rate produces more accurate and repeatable measurements, avoiding measurement error and signal alliasing due to under sampling of the waveform.
Allison Technology Corp. O-Scope I Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  The O-SCOPE I is a pocket-size module which plugs into the printer port, tranforming a PC (286 or higher) into a digital storage oscilloscope.
Eltesta UDS-2000 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes  
  The UDS-2000 is the world Faster Series PC-Sampling Oscilloscopes having 30 GHz, 20 GHz and 12 GHz bandwidth.
Eltesta UDS-2128 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes  
  The UDS-2128 is the world faster PC-Communication Analyzer have two 20-GHz electrical channels and one 8-GHz optical channel.
Gigascope Oy PC-Time Domain Analyzer UDS-2020 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  A revolutionary solution to ps-pulse and microwave time domain measurements; just a PC and UDS-2020 sampling head unit. 20 GHz Bandwith PC-Time Domain Analyzer (TDA)
Hameg Instruments HM303 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Analog
Specifications   LL:Lower Limit  NV:Nominal Value  UL:Upper Limit
Accuracy     UL: 400.0 volts DC 
Horizontal Scale LL: 0.1 microseconds    UL: 0.2 seconds 
Input Range LL: 0.0 hertz    UL: 35.0 Mhertz 
       Comments: -3 dB.
Number of Output Channels LL: 2 channels    UL: 2 channels 
Triggering-Automatic LL: 20.0 hertz    UL: 100.0 Mhertz 
       Comments: 0.8 div.
Triggering-External LL: 30.0 hertz    UL: 50.0 Mhertz 
       Comments: > 0.3 Vpp.
Triggering-Normal LL: 0.0 hertz    UL: 100.0 Mhertz 
       Comments: With level control. 0.8 div.
USB Port      
Vertical Expansion Scale LL: 0.001 volts/division     
       Comments: DC - 10 MHz.
Vertical Scale LL: 4.9999999E-3 volts/division    UL: 20.0 volts/division 
LDS Test and Measurement Sigma Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  From the company that invented the first DSO comes a new break through in performance and capability...the Sigma Series offering up to 8 channels, 12 bit and high resolution, Windows connectivity, better than .25% accuracy from LDS Test & Measurement
LeCroy WavePro 7100 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  A 1 GHz scope with multiple options, including Zoom and graphical views on how the signal changes. Includes jitter measurement
Madell Technology Corporation Instek GDS-820/840 Series Digital Storage Oscillos Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  150MHz/250MHz Bandwidth with either Color or Monochrome LCD Display, 125k Long Memory and 12 Division Horizontal Display 25Gsa/s Sampling Rate for Repetitive Waveforms, 15 Auto Measurement Functions to get quick and accurate results
Madell Technology Corporation Instek GOS-6200 Analog Oscilloscope Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Analog
  200 MHz, Dual Channel, Delayed Sweep Built-in 6 Digit Universal Counter Auto Set TV-Line Selection (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) 10 Sets Memory for SAVE & RECALL of Front Panel Setting Cursor Readout with 7 Measurements
PC Instruments PCI-421 Oscilloscope Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  PC-Based Digital Oscilloscope Single Channel, 100 MHz
Pico Technology Virtual Instrument ADC200 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes PC Boards
  A range of PC based oscilloscopes (100MHz), spectrum analysers and signal generators
Pico Technology PicoScope 3224 PC Scope Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  Along with providing the power for the PicoScope, the USB connection provides fast data transfer and makes the oscilloscope quick and easy to set up and use.
Pico Technology PicoScope 2202 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  Connected to your PC and powered by a USB 2.0 port, the dual-channel PicoScope 2202 is a PC Oscilloscope with 8-bit resolution, 20 MS/s sampling rate and a 32kB memory depth. The unit can also act as a spectrum analyser, multimeter and datalogger.
Pico Technology Picoscope 3000 Series Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Digital
  Pico Technology, has a new series of high-performance PC oscilloscopes. All three PicoScopes in the 3000 Series connect to a PC via USB 2.0: drawing their power from the PC, so no need for a seperate power supply.
PXIT PX2000-333 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes PXI
  The PX2000-333 combines the benefits and measurement capabilities of a real time scope with the bandwidth of a sampling scope. It amalgamates the capabilities of a Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA) & a Jitter Analyzer into a 2-slot, 3U PXI module.
Tecpel Co., Ltd. GOS-6112 Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Analog
  100 MHz, Dual Channel, Delayed Sweep 10 Sets Memory for Front Panel Setting Cursor Readout with 7 Measurements Panel Setup Lock of Digital-Control Functions
Tektronix THS700 Oscilloscope/DMM/Power Analyzers Measuring Equipment Oscilloscopes Handheld
  Combines a full-featured real-time oscilloscope with a True RMS digital multimeter in rugged, battery-operated instruments. Scope and meter modes can operate simultaneously and independently on the same or separate signals.

    1 - 20
of 22 Records
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