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Test Definitions


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  Rotation about the vertical axis.
Source: Vibration and Shock
  An angular deviation from ideal straight line motion, in which the positioning tables rotates around the Z (vertical) axis as it translates along its travel axis.
Source: FRT of America
  The number of devices that work as planned, specified as a percentage of the total number actually fabricated.
Source: Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
  Expressed in terms of a formula derived from Poisson Distribution, Y = e**-DPU, where e** means e raised to the power of, and DPU stands for Defects per Unit. Using this formula, one can readily predict the yield or incoming (to test) quality of a product. If, for example, you expect to have 0.25 faults per board from production, your incoming quality is e**(-0.25) = 77.9%.
Source: A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.
  The percent of functional units leaving a process. The lower the process yield, the higher the test coverage must be to keep DPM rates low.
Source: Mentor Graphics
YIG-Tuned Oscillator
  A high precisioned signal generator in which electrons oscillate within a magnetic field established within a yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG) alloy by an electronic coil. The current and magnetic strength determines the oscillation frequency.
Source: Test & Measurement World, July 2002, page 15
You Can't Protect Against Stupid
  (YCPAS) - This is the abbreviation for every programmer's worst nightmare, You Can't Protect Against Stupd! Every programmer will acknowledge that in his programming career, at least one situation came about that even with good error trapping, a program he or she wrote crashed because of some user's stupid and totally unpredictable action.
Source: HostPulse
Young’s Modulus
  Modulus of elasticity; the amount of stress required to produce a unit change in length (strain). Expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI) or dynes per square cm.
Source: JML Optical

5 Records Found