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Title: GNSS Constellation Simulator Flexibility Adds Channels, Signals, and Frequencies
Author:Tim Klimasewski
Type:Product Release
Source: Spectracom
Subjects:GNSS Constellations, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, GNSS Simulator, Simulation,
Abstract: Spectracom announces its ability to simulate up to 64 RF channels in 4 frequency bands for testing the integration of most advanced GNSS receivers. The GSG series GNSS simulators are designed to offer as much capability as needed by developers, i... [more]
Title: GNSS Constellation Simulator Compatible with China’s Beidou System
Author:Tim Klimasewski
Source: Spectracom
Subjects:GPS test, simulation, Beidou, GNSS
Abstract: Spectracom, the leading provider of powerful, easy and affordable test solutions for GPS and GNSS devices and systems, today announced its upgrade capability to China’s global navigation satellite system, Beidou. The Spectracom GSG Series 5 and Seri... [more]
Author:Jennifer Beadling
Type:Product Release
Source: Spectracom
Subjects:Spectracom’s 32-channel GSG-62 provides expandability to simulate current and future satellite navigation signals and frequencies
Abstract: Introducing Spectracom’s new L1+L2 dual frequency 32-channel multi-GNSS simulator, the GSG-62. The GSG-62 offers multiple frequency band operation, multiple GNSS constellation simulation, and expansion capability for more frequency bands and chann... [more]
Title: Spectracom Assures GPS Integrity with Leap Second Testing Tools
Author:Tim Klimasewski
Source: Spectracom
Subjects:GPS, Test, Leap Second
Abstract: GPS simulators offer fast and easy testing of the upcoming leap second event on June 30 to validate performance of GPS devices and systems. Spectracom has published its Application Note: Leap Second Testing Made Easy in response to the recent ann... [more]
Author:Staffan Johansson
Type:Product Release
Source: Spectracom
Subjects:Press release
Abstract: Pendulum STA-61, a new field sync tester/analyzer that verifies synchronization quality in traditional SDH/SONET core networks as well as IP-based backhaul and mobile networks. Spectracom today announced its new Sync Tester/Analyzer developed f... [more]
Title: IEEE 1588-2008 perspectives and opportunities
Author:André Marais, Symmetricom Inc -- EDN
Type:Magazine Article
Source: EDN
Subjects:LXI, ethernet
Abstract: The PTP (Precision Time Protocol), which the IEEE defined under 1588-2008, represents a step change in the distribution of time and frequency across WANs (wide-area networks). The telecommunications industry is, in parallel, evolving to packet-trans... [more]
Title: What IEEE 1588 means for your next T&M system design
Author:Paul F. Franklin, Keithley Instruments Inc.
Type:Magazine Article
Source: EE Times
Subjects:LXI, ehternet, IEEE-1588
Abstract: Timing and synchronization are crucial in building test and measurement (T&M) systems, which makes the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol’s ease of use and high performance especially attractive to system designers. This paper offers an overview of t... [more]
Title: Optimizing functional-test throughput in PXI-based automated test systems
Author:Alan J. Lesko, Agilent Technologies
Type:Magazine Article
Source: EE Times
Subjects:PXI, functional test
Abstract: The selected test methods must be efficient, focusing on validating functionality of the device under test (DUT) while gathering parametric data to help improve the manufacturing process. Also, instrument selection must consider both speed and measu... [more]
Title: ASSET and IPextreme collaborate to enable ScanWorks as an IEEE 1149.7 test solution – Once integrated with IPextreme’s IP, ASSET’s ScanWorks will perform IEEE 1149.7 chip and board tests
Author:ASSET InterTech
Type:Product Release
Source: ASSET InterTech
Subjects:JTAG, boundary scan, 1149.7, 1149.1. SOC test, board test, chip test
Abstract: ASSET® InterTech, Inc., the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, will integrate test adapter intellectual property (IP) from IPextreme into its ScanWorks® platform for embedded instruments to enable chip and circuit board tes... [more]
Title: Andy Grove: How America Can Create Jobs
Author:Andy Grove
Type:Magazine Article
Source: Business Week
Abstract: The former Intel chief says "job-centric" leadership and incentives are needed to expand U.S. domestic employment again.
Title: New GPS 8-channel Simulator for In-line Manufacturing Testing of Navigational Capabilities
Author:Tim Klimasewski
Type:Product Release
Source: web page
Subjects:New 8-channel GPS constellation simulator
Abstract: An affordable 8-channel GPS simulator provides fast yet comprehensive navigational, position and timing testing for devices with GPS receivers Spectracom, a company of the Orolia Group (NYSE Alternext Paris – FR0010501015 – ALORO) and a global pr... [more]
Title: Accuracy of Pick & Place System Ratings
Author:Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall
Type:Video and Images
Source: Circuitmart
Subjects:PCB manufacturing
Abstract: At Board Talk, the Assembly Brothers cut through the marketing hype, the platitudes and incompetent un-scientific baloney with a search for the truth.
Title: PXI keeps pushing envelope
Author:Richard A. Quinnell, Contributing Editor -- Test & Measurement World
Type:Magazine Article
Source: Test & Measurement World
Subjects:PXI, functional test
Abstract: From its humble beginnings as a low-cost alternative to bench instrumentation, the PXI architecture has evolved to hold its own against high-end dedicated test systems. Now, advances in semiconductor integration and a weakened economy are helping PX... [more]
Title: Solving the Jitter Problem: Free Tutorial
Author:Greg D Le Cheminant
Type:Application Note
Source: Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Subjects:jitter, clock measurement, signal integrity
Abstract: Jitter causes bit errors -- and that's not something you can afford in your devices. So what can you do to handle the jitter problem once and for all? Download this free tutorial for a better understanding of jitter and how to solve it, with... [more]
Title: Seica marries flying-probe and boundary-scan test methods
Author:Test & Measurement World
Type:Product Release
Source: Seica SpA
Subjects:flying probe testers
Abstract: Seica, in partnership with Temento Systems, has developed the FlyScan module to enable the integration of boundary-scan testing with flying-probe test systems. According to the company, FlyScan exploits the specific benefits of flying-probe and boun... [more]
Title: Free-for-Life Tool Cracks PCB Debug Challenge
Author:Ray Dellecker
Type:Product Release
Source: JTAG Technologies, Inc.
Subjects:Novel JTAG product available for immediate download
Abstract: With the breakthrough product family, JTAG Live(tm), debugging boards too crowded for traditional probing becomes a whole lot easier. JTAG Live is ideal for electronics engineers and technicians to use in checking PCBs for basic continuity and corr... [more]
Title: Designing an accessible board
Author:Ron Wilson, Executive Editor -- EDN
Type:Magazine Article
Source: EDN Magazine
Subjects:Design for Testability
Abstract: One of the responsibilities of board-level designers is to ensure that verification and failure-analysis engineers have adequate access to signals without resorting to drills, bed-of-nails testers, or focused ion beams. This requirement used to be s... [more]
Title: JTAG Technologies New Express Boundary-scan Controller
Author:Ray Dellecker
Type:Product Release
Source: JTAG Technologies, Inc.
Subjects:New Express Boundary-Scan Controller
Abstract: JTAG Technologies, a leading provider of IEEE Std. 1149.1 solutions for testing and programming high-density PCBs, announces a further extension of its line of high-performance boundary-scan IEEE Std. 1149.1 controllers. Known as the DataBlaster JT... [more]
Title: Product Release
Author:Ray Dellecker
Type:Product Release
Source: JTAG Technologies, Inc.
Subjects:JTAG Test Routines Bend the Coverage Curve
Abstract: Test engineers have a new weapon in the battle to verify the operation of complex, non-boundary-scan clusters. In addition to its ActiveTest tool, JTAG Technologies now offers JTAG Functional Test (JFT)simplifying test preparation and interpretatio... [more]
Title: GOEPEL electronics to run Webinars on JTAG/Boundary Scan in October
Author:GÖPEL electronic
Source: GOEPEL electronic
Subjects:JTAG, Boundary Scan, IEEE 1149.1, basics, webinar, scan test
Abstract: GOEPEL electronics, vendor of JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions compliant with IEEE Std.1149.x, will run free Webinars on the four Tuesdays in October 2009. The company, based in Austin, TX, will present information on topics such as the basics of JTAG/B... [more]

    1 - 20
of 4500 Publications Found
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