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Volume 11 Number 16 August 16, 2007

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This Issue's Feature Articles

What Are the Major Selection Criteria in Power Supply Testers?

By Paul Swartz,

President, and by the Applications Staff at NH Research, a leading supplier of power supply test equipment since 1981


Characterizing Power Supplies with an Oscilloscope

By Mike Hertz, LeCroy - from Electronic Products' Website

Product/Service Focus

This issue's focus is Power Supply Test
You can find many references to "power supply test" at our web site.

What's New in Test

 Come to a Three-Day Course

Random Vibration and Shock Testing, HALT, ESS, HASS

in Santa Barbara, California on August 20-22, 2007

  8/16/2007 Agilent Technologies reports 3Q07
  8/15/2007 GOEPEL electronic restructures US Organization
  8/13/2007 Slowdown hits ATE industry
  8/9/2007 China's IC industry slowed in 1H
  8/7/2007 New fingerprinting technique could reveal more than just identity
  8/2/2007 New low cost Module enables full Test of DIMM168 Interfaces per JTAG/Boundary Scan
  8/2/2007 Tollgrade completes acquisition of broadband test division of Teradyne
  8/2/2007 Winbond adopts Cadence emulator to ease verification
  8/1/2007 Verdant to unveil method to replace solder on boards
  8/3/2007 The LabView Style Book
Conference Articles

 Come to a Half-Day Tutorial at AutoTestCon

Design for Built-In Self Test

by Louis Y. Ungar at AutoTestCon in Baltimore, MD on Sept 17, 2007

  8/2/2007 Testing of CAN and LIN network characteristics of control units to assure the reliability of bus systems in motor vehicles
FREE Giveaways
  8/8/2007 Java Applet for Teaching Boundary Scan Standart IEEE 1149.1
Interviews and Forums
  8/10/2007 Can anyone get chip design right the first time?
  8/3/2007 Measuring the future - Interview with Agilent CEO
Magazine Articles

Come to a Three-Day Course

Random Vibration and Shock Testing, HALT, ESS, HASS

in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 3-5, 2007

  8/15/2007 Next-gen embedded designs demand parallel test
  8/14/2007 Selecting the right [instrumentation] bus for the job
  8/9/2007 China's Massive High-Tech Waste Woes
  8/6/2007 Embedded test offers unique value for serial I/O
  8/6/2007 The human battery: turning body heat into electric power
  8/3/2007 Defense And Aerospace Try To Get The Lead Back In
  8/2/2007 Characterizing power supplies with an oscilloscope
  8/2/2007 Choosing isolators for test equipment
  8/2/2007 How to select an appropriate AOI System
  8/2/2007 Sampling rate’s impact on oscilloscope bandwidth
  8/1/2007 Acoustic Imaging for Fast Defect Diagnosis
  8/1/2007 Common Core ATE For Functional Testing
  8/1/2007 EMC Design for Wiring and Cabling
  8/1/2007 Faster Shorts Testing
  8/1/2007 Functional Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) Testing for 802.11n
  8/1/2007 Handheld oscilloscopes offer varied features
  8/1/2007 Inspection moves into the mainstream
  8/1/2007 The Magic of Corporate Strength From Within - Nextest Systems
Presentation and Web Seminar Archives

Come to a Three-Day Course

Design for Testability and for Built-In Self Test

by Louis Y. Ungar in St. Louis, MO on October 22-24, 2007

  8/9/2007 NI Week video: Are you smarter than a 5th grade engineer-to-be?
  8/7/2007 Integrating PXI Express with Existing PXI Modules
  8/7/2007 NI Week video: FPGA module mixes music
Product Releases
  8/15/2007 DAQTron provides customized DTV testing
  8/15/2007 Off-chip ESD protection anticipates IC scaling
  8/15/2007 Yokogawa rolls out mixed-signal oscilloscopes
  8/14/2007 GbE module cuts testing costs, extend battery life
  8/14/2007 PCI Express board features 16 serial ports
  8/9/2007 Condor MTS-500 Flying Probe Tester
  8/9/2007 JEOL completes microprobe installation at NIST
  8/9/2007 Tektronix automated tester for high-speed data standards uses NI software
  8/8/2007 Huntron introduces new Tracker Model 30
  8/7/2007 Agilent adds MIMO, Wave 2 test support to three of its mobile WiMAX measurement solutions
  8/7/2007 Digital radio test set targets emerging markets
  8/7/2007 NI Announces PXI Products with 600 MBytes/s Sustained Data Streaming
  8/6/2007 LabView V8.5 adds state charts, enhances multithreaded-application performance... and FPGAs
  8/2/2007 Vertical, compact PCB tester takes flight from Spea
  8/1/2007 Agilent Technologies' New PXIT Modules Provide Cost-Effective Optical Transceiver Test up to 8.5 Gb/s and Beyond
  8/1/2007 JTAG module streamlines integration of boundary-scan with TestStation

Come to a One-Day Course

Cost Effective Tests Using ATE, DFT and BIST 

by Louis Y. Ungar in Los Angeles, CA on November 20, 2007

  8/1/2007 Growth in Communication Sector Will Boost Revenue Potential for Test and Measurement Equipment Market
  8/1/2007 Electronic equipment market to slow in 2007 as CE demand cools
  8/1/2007 Test & Measurement World Salary Survey 2007
Web postings
  8/1/2007 Gigabit Signal Integrity Creates New Challenges
What Are the Major Selection Criteria in Power Supply Testers?

By Paul Swartz,

President, and by the Applications Staff at NH Research, a leading supplier of power supply test equipment since 1981

Because most power supply testers are at the end of a customer’s production line, the major consideration for selection usually is the tester manufacturer’s reputation for reliable equipment and prompt support. Today, most high-volume production lines are located in China, Philippines, India or Malaysia so in those cases, global support is a priority consideration.

The next consideration is the tester’s capability to provide the specific stimulus and measurement instrumentation along with test result reporting that are needed for a particular line of the customer’s power supplies for the near future.

Only after the two items above are completely satisfied should the customer be considering cost.  Because there are wide differences in the speed of testers from various manufacturers, the essential calculation is the unit-cost-of test, which will insure the customer’s being competitive over the next 10-years, the probable economic lifetime of a tester.

Depending on the specific circumstances of each customer there may be additional important power supply tester selection criteria such as:

  • Compatibility with existing test equipment, fixtures and test programs
  • Compatibility with customer’s factory data collection and program storage system.
  • Tester expansion flexibility
  • Ease, downtime and cost of tester calibration.

The amount of information to be gathered and verified is substantial if the customer is to make a fully considered decision. To accomplish this many customers today insist on benchmarking equipment in their factory.

Next Issue's Product/Service Focus
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