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Volume 9 Number 23 December 16, 2005

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Happy Holidays and a Fault Free New Year

By: Louis Y. Ungar, Editor, BestTest

Product/Service Focus

This issue's focus is Power Supply Test. You can view and add to our existing list of Test Products/Services, Test Vendors, Test Literature, Test Definitions

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What's New in Test
  12/15/2005 ‘Long’ Distances Measured With Picometer Accuracy
  12/15/2005 ATE Vendor Nextest Prepares IPO
  12/15/2005 Strategic Partnership between GÖPEL electronic and Production Test Systems Ltd
  12/8/2005 ASE November Sales Up 16%
  12/8/2005 UK and Chinese Companies Agree to Joint Venture for Mobile Test
  12/7/2005 Intel Presents 'Breakthrough' Transistor
  12/2/2005 Agilent completes divestiture of Semiconductor Products Business for $2.66 Billion
  12/2/2005 Teradyne completes sale of Connection Systems Division
  12/1/2005 Synopsys Upbeat About Quarter
FREE Giveaways
  12/5/2005 Overcoming Problems with Testing and In-System Programming of PCBs with BGAs
Magazine Articles
  12/8/2005 The Microsoft Xbox 360 CPU Story - Uses JTAG and BIST
  12/5/2005 Low-cost BER tester measures errors in low-data-rate applications
  12/5/2005 Using SystemVerilog for functional verification
  12/1/2005 Compression Solutions For Test Applications
  12/1/2005 Identifying Frame Grabber Core Competencies
  12/1/2005 Improving the Reliability of Dry-Reed Relays
  12/1/2005 Testing Medical Devices
  12/1/2005 Tin Whisker Management Guidelines
Product Releases
  12/16/2005 Highly Accelerated Thermal Shock (HATS(TM)) test system implemented at PCB manufacturer
  12/15/2005 Tektronix beefs up Spectra2 VoIP testing solution
  12/14/2005 Digitaltest adds soft landing to its flying probe solutions
  12/9/2005 Shielded RF test chambers are manual or automatic
  12/8/2005 Flat-Panel ATE Increases Throughput
  12/7/2005 Cable tester handles high pot, pin counts
  12/6/2005 Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX® supports Scorpion Technologies Flying Prober
  12/6/2005 Scope Cards Connect to PCI, PXI, and VXI Buses
  12/5/2005 ASSET Hosts Online Boundary-Scan Validation Service
  12/5/2005 Macraigor Systems Announces New JTAG and Flash
  12/2/2005 Court Deals Magma a Blow in Synopsys Litigation
  12/2/2005 Intel denies hurting ATE industry
Web postings
  12/1/2005 How to Select the Right Environmental Test
  12/1/2005 Learning the Thermal Shock Basics
Happy Holidays and a Fault Free New Year
Instead of an article on how to choose Power Supply ATEs, we would like to use this opportunity to wish all our readers the Best Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

Each year we try to emphasize the theme of a "Fault Free" New Year, yet "faults" are what keep us in business.  In a week long class I taught on testing at a hotel, I once commented that test professionals need to have a pessimistic perspective to do their jobs well.  The next day one of the students showed up late to class.  When I inquired why he was late, he told me that he told his wife about my comment and she urged him not to return to class.  She told him he was pessimistic enough already and did not need to attend a class that taught him how to be more so.

We chuckled a bit and then agreed, that we need not take our professional attitudes outside work.  While our work demands nit-picking, our personal lives need not follow in the same pattern.  We have made a great deal of progress as a profession and have a right and a duty to look positively at the future.

In the next issue of The BestTest Newsletter, we will compile all that we accomlished as a profession in 2005.  But some highlights here may be in order.  We made great strides in bringing boundary-scan into the mainstream.  Digital JTAG and even some analog 1149.4 products are ever present, and it is hardly possible to find a circuit today that doesn't have some testability designed into it.  Similarly, we populated the instrument market with lower priced PXI instruments and LXI is becoming a popular alternative.  The possibilities are indeed great that in 2006 we will be able to perform remote and automatic testing without the need to buy expensive ATEs.  Built-in self test (BIST) is becoming prevalent and are part of the most popular products of 2005.  For example, Xbox from Microsoft contains BIST as well as testability.  Intel's PCI Express has several levels of BIST.

We have reasons to be optimistic and we are.

In wishing each of our readers and members of the FREE BestTest community web site and The BestTest Newsletter, we would like you to know that our experiment in bringing together this small but widely spread community of test professionals has worked.  We now have thousands of test related articles, thousands of test definitions, thousands of test vendors and their products available FREE to the test community.  We also make available hundreds of test related courses and books on test.  We hope you will continue to support us next year by coming to the web site, contibuting and posting information when you can.  In return we promise to keep you up to date on test.

On behalf of the staff at and at A.T.E. Soluitons, Inc. I would like to wish you and your loved ones the Best Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

Louis Y. Ungar, Editor, BestTest

Next Issue's Product/Service Focus
The December 31, 2005 issue will compile The BestTest Newsletters published in 2005.

Te following issue for January 16, 2006 we will cover Switching Products. You can add or upgrade a listing before the next issue comes out.

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