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Cost Effective Tests Using ATE, DFT and BIST

by Louis Y. Ungar at APEX on February 18, 2007 

The Best of the Best Tests in 2006
Louis Y. Ungar, Editor, The BestTest Newsletter

The purpose of The BestTest Newsletter is to give you, our readers, the means to quickly wade through the large amount of information published on test and allow you to find the Best as quickly as possible.  Our task would be simple if we would decide for you what was Best.  We would, however, almost certainly fail to find the Best Test for everyone of our approximately 6,000 readers.  There is no one product that would be the Best for everyone.  So in order to get you to the Best, we have to give you the rest - but we make it as simple as possible for you to select on your own what qualifies as Best for you.  

Each of the issues provides you with hyperlinked titles.  We have included here all the news we reported in 2006.  You may wish to look back on what happened in test in 2006.  If you have an interest in a news item you can click to review a short synopsis, and if you have a greater interest you can go directly to the source of the article.

We are including here all the articles published exclusively in The BestTest Newsletter in 2006.  You will find them to be pragmatic solutions to many of your test related problems, and I would like to thank all the experts throughout the test industry who contributed their time and talents. 

Looking forward to 2007, we provide you with a linked list of Test Events that are coming up around the world.

As in every issue, we provide a link to our sponsors who make it possible to bring you this time-saving source of information.  If your company is a test vendor that is not on that list we could use your help.

So what is the Best of Best Test?  We leave that choice to you.  We can only tell you how to go about selecting it.  Pick the product, service, article, or event that solves YOUR problems.  We are providing you in this small space literally tens of thousands of pages - hopefully everything - that can qualify as the Best.  We know you can find it, and we are proud of the fact that our efforts have brought it to you -- and as always -- at no charge.

We look forward to your participation in 2007.  Please remember that you can also supply information and share it with all your colleagues and be the Best Citizen of the BestTest Community. 

User Instruction

You will be linked directly to the listings you select below after you have  logged in. If you are not logged in, go to 

Articles in The BestTest Newsletter in 2006

LXI, the "Next Generation" Replacement for GPIB   By: Fred Bode, LXI Consortium Administrator and Executive Director (Retired)

Where is LAN / LXI Best used for Instrument Control?   By:  Patrick Webb, Instrument Control Product Manager, National Instruments 

GPIB (IEEE-488) Offers Advantages in Low-Latency Applications By:  Alex McCarthy, GPIB Product Manager, National Instruments

When to Choose PXI Instruments  By:  Mike Dewey, Marketing Product Manager, 
Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Inc.

Why Customers Choose PXI   By:  Murali Ravindran, PXI Product Manager, National Instruments

When to Choose VXI Based Instruments   By:  Tom Sarfi,  Business Development Mngr at VXI Technology Inc. and  Current VXIbus Consortium President

How to Select a Tool for Testability Analysis and Scan Insertion   By:  Rick Fisette, Technical Marketing Engineer,  Mentor Graphics, Design-For-Test

Selecting a Noise Generator  By:  Patrick Robbins, Micronetics, Inc. - Enon Microwave and Noise Products Divisions

How to Select USB-based Instruments   By:  Alan Lowne, Saelig Co. Inc.

How to Select a Logic Analyzer for Under $1,000  By: Alan Lowne, Saelig Co. Inc.

Considerations for Selecting Test Systems Using Flying Probe Access  By: Louis Y. Ungar, Editor, The BestTest Newsletter

Boundary Scan Tools for Design Verification and Prototype Debug  By:  Rick Folea, UniversalScan - Ricreations, Inc.

You've Decided to Get Into Boundary Scan... Now What?   By: Ray Dellecker, US Marketing Manager, JTAG Technologies

Alternatives to High Priced IC ATEs By: Louis Y. Ungar, Editor,

How to Select the Right Bus Analyzers and Controllers By: Alan Lowne, President - Saelig Co. Inc.

How to Select a Bus Analyzer By: Bill Schuh, Director of Military Electronic Products, Condor Engineering  

Considerations in Selecting a Bus Analyzer By: Nicole Renfro, Marketing Manager at VMETRO, Inc.

Selecting and Purchasing Frequency Synthesizer Products
By: Mike Harris, Director of Business Development, Meret Optical Communications

Finding your way around ESD Standards By:  Carl E. Newberg, President, MicroStat Laboratories

Selecting a Systems Diagnostic Design Development Tool By:   Craig De Paul, President, DSI International

Selecting the Best Technology For Troubleshooting No Fault Found / Intermittent Conditions By: Brent Sorensen,President, Universal Synaptics

Diagnostic Tools Fit Specific Needs; Success Comes from Best Match-Ups By: Tim Webb, DiagnoSYS Systems, Inc.

Diagnostic Tools using Automatic Probing By: Jim Crosson , Huntron, Inc.

AOI as Part of a Winning Test Strategy By:  Don Miller, President of YESTech 

The Capability of AOI Systems – More than Just the Sum of their Parts By: Jens Kokott, Team Manager, AOI Systems at GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Dynamic Burn-In of High Pin Count Logic Devices with Monitoring Capability
By:  Stephen Tsun, Sales Manager,
INCAL Technology

Optimize Your Burn-In Design By: Randy Spivey,, VP Sales & Marketing, CEIBIS

How to Select an OTDR  By:  Peter Schweiger, Agilent Technologies, Photonics Measurement Division

How to Choose an OTDR to Test and Troubleshoot LAN Infrastructure  White Paper By: Harley Lang III, Product Marketing Manager, Fiber Products, Fluke Networks

How to Select an In-Circuit Tester  By:  Peter Reinhardt, President, REINHARDT System- und Messelectronic GmbH

How to Select the Right Switching Product  By: Tee Sheffer, President, Signametrics

Switching Basics in RF Applications  By:  Bob Stasonis, Sales & Marketing Manager, Pickering Instruments

An Integrated High Power Switching Solution  By: Jon Semancik, Marketing Manage, VXI Technology, Inc.

Test News in 2006
  12/29/2006 Flextronics to lay off 600 in Hungary
  12/27/2006 Magma, Synopsys Receive Claims Construction Ruling
  12/20/2006 LogicVision Completes $3.2 Million Private Placement
  12/14/2006 Azimuth announces funding, CEO transition
  12/12/2006 MultiService Forum (MSF) completed Global MSF Interoperability Test
  12/12/2006 Semi Industry Bracing for Slowdown
  12/12/2006 Teradyne and LogicVision Integrate Silicon Diagnostic Solutions with the IG-XL(TM) Operating System
  12/7/2006 Credence Narrows Loss, CEO Steps Down
  12/6/2006 Cadence, Advantest Team for Zero-Defect Auto Chip Testing
  12/4/2006 Patent Office Looks Again at Patent in Magma/Synopsys Feud
  12/4/2006 Rapport Adopts LogicVision Embedded Test Solutions for Next Generation Low-Power Device
  12/2/2006 Interstate Electronics set to maintain submarine-launched ballistic missile test systems
  12/1/2006 All Test Related Courses and Educational Resources in One Place
  12/1/2006 Huntron establishes an Authorized Integrator Business Program
  12/1/2006 Mosaid Expands Patent Suit to Mosel Vitelic
  12/1/2006 Schaffner's test division gets new name
  12/1/2006 Weblog (Blog) is Dedicated to Design for Testability
  11/27/2006 ASE Target of Carlyle Group Private Equity Takeover
  11/27/2006 Sony Back in Recall Mode
  11/23/2006 GOEPEL electronic presents new Partner for Distribution of Automotive Test Solutions in the USA
  11/22/2006 SPEA & JTAG Technologies combine to provide comprehensive fixtureless test capability
  11/20/2006 Freescale Adopts Synopsys Verification Technology
  11/17/2006 Defect clinic solves mysteries at APEX
  11/16/2006 Agilent to acquire Acqiris
  11/15/2006 Verigy swings to 4Q profit
  11/14/2006 Agilent Revenue Up 6%
  11/14/2006 Demand for electronics seen slowing
  11/13/2006 SMTA Names Board of Directors
  11/10/2006 Breaking The Nanometer Barrier In X-ray Microscopy
  11/10/2006 NPL to Meet on Measurements of Copper Dissolution in Pb-Free Solder
  11/9/2006 Agilent wins 2006 High-Tech Supply Chain Excellence Award
  11/9/2006 Universal Instruments cuts workforce day after sale finalized
  11/8/2006 Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX successfully integrated into Teradyne In-Circuit Tester
  11/8/2006 Israel's Orbotech to repurchase up to 1.7 mln shrs
  11/7/2006 Dr. Yervant Zorian Wins IEEE's Hans Karlsson Award
  11/6/2006 Tektronix to acquire Canada's Minacom
  11/6/2006 Test suite streamlines Wi-Fi certification process
  11/3/2006 Cray has adopted the SpyGlass DFT platform for its next generation ASIC projects
  11/1/2006 Winner named at iPod Drawing at the International Test Conference
  10/27/2006 Magma Posts $12.4 million Net Loss
  10/27/2006 Prism selects XJTAG to speed debug and test of complex BGA-populated circuits
  10/26/2006 Agilent announces organizational changes
  10/25/2006 KLA-Tencor Reports Fiscal Q1 Rev Up 9% Year to Year
  10/25/2006 Test Systems Strategies Inc. (TSSI) touts Toshiba agreement
  10/24/2006 Agilent Technologies offers right-to-use licenses for placing test targets on PCB signal traces
  10/24/2006 LogicVision Reports Third Quarter 2006 Financial Results
  10/24/2006 Mentor says Summit acquisition makes ESL "real"
  10/23/2006 JTAG delivers 1149.6 testing with diagnostics
  10/23/2006 LogicVision Announces Expanded Use of Embedded Test Solutions
  10/23/2006 Magma and Virage Logic Collaborate on a Complete RTL-to-GDSII Flow
  10/23/2006 Semiconductor Test Consortium STC Expands to Entire Test Process
  10/23/2006 Synopsys and Virage Logic Collaborate to Deliver Embedded Memory Test
  10/20/2006 Apple turns iPod into iWorm that infects Windows PC
  10/19/2006 IC firms collaborate with Synopsys to validate new ATPG tech
  10/19/2006 LeCroy inks acquisition agreement with Catalyst Enterprises
  10/19/2006 Teradyne announces Q3 2006 results
  10/18/2006 Bennetts retires, transfers DFT services to CloverTest
  10/17/2006 Synopsys serves subpoena to Mentor over PTO request
  10/16/2006 HP Appoints New Ethics Chief
  10/16/2006 phoenix|x-ray wins Global Technology Award 2006
  10/11/2006 Aster Technologies and Temento Systems Announce Strategic Partnership
  10/10/2006 Virage Logic Executives Selected to Provide IP Perspective
  10/6/2006 KLA Cleared to Buy ADE
  10/5/2006 KLA-Tencor to restate due to options
  9/29/2006 Intel Starts Layoffs
  9/28/2006 XJTAG offers contract manufacturers a free XJRunner
  9/26/2006 Synopsys Asks to Subpoena Mentor in Magma Case
  9/25/2006 GOEPEL Electronics invites to free Boundary Scan seminars in the US
  9/23/2006 Sony investigates notebook fire
  9/20/2006 Agilent to buy back $2 billion in shares
  9/19/2006 Teradyne Announces LDU 50 For Test Of Next-Generation IP Networks
  9/16/2006 Teradyne wins $5.8 million Air Force contract
  8/28/2006 TSSI, Toshiba Microelectronics, and ATE Service Corporation Partner for Sales and Support of Next-Generation Design-to-Test Development Flow
  8/15/2006 Mentor paid $5.3M for Taiwan EDA tool provider
  8/14/2006 Agilent's Third-Quarter Net Income More Than Doubles
  8/14/2006 IRS Says Cadence Owes $324M
  8/9/2006 JTAG Technologies & Firecron present free 'Boundary-Scan Today' seminars
  8/8/2006 NI Blurs Test, Design Lines
  7/27/2006 KLA-Tencor Posts Higher Q4 Revs
  7/26/2006 New MAQlink brochure
  7/24/2006 LogicVision and GDA Technologies Partner
  7/20/2006 Teradyne announces Q2 results and authorization of stock repurchase program
  7/19/2006 Motorola Selects ASSET For Boundary Scan/JTAG
  7/17/2006 TestMart News Release
  7/13/2006 Verigy touts IC-test focus and Cadence link
  7/12/2006 JTAG Technologies Supports Altera Stratix II FPGA Design Security
  7/12/2006 Nextest Magnum Grande tests 720 devices simultaneously
  7/10/2006 XJTAG boundary scan to debug and test Ethernet network cards
  7/3/2006 GÖPEL electronic opens branch in UK
  6/30/2006 RFI opens cellular testing lab in Korea
  6/28/2006 Everett Charles Technologies announces consolidation of atg Test Systems and Luther Maelzer
  6/28/2006 ZTEST Announces Grant of Stock Options
  6/27/2006 LogicVision, Dolphin Combine 90nm, 65nm Memories for Self-Test, Repair
  6/22/2006 Agilent completes $4.466 Billion stock repurchase program ahead of schedule
  6/22/2006 AR Worldwide RF/Microwave names new CEO
  6/22/2006 Deadline nears for Engineer of the Year nominations
  6/20/2006 ATI Implements Mentor Graphics Modular TestKompress for Production Test
  6/6/2006 Ingenieurbüro Winklhofer next ‘Center of Expertise’ for GÖPEL electronic
  6/1/2006 Keithley sponsors first weblog for nanotechnology electrical testing
  5/23/2006 LTX Announces X-Series Fusion Test Systems Selected By SiGe Semiconductor
  5/22/2006 Orbotech releases additional details of $18 Million purchase agreement for PCB-AOI equipment
  5/16/2006 Agilent Posts Q2 Results - 21% higher than last year
  5/16/2006 ASSET and Firecron demonstrate system-level JTAG proof-of-concept
  5/15/2006 Boundary Scan for Embedded Mixed Signal Tests
  5/11/2006 YESTech showcases new F1 AOI system and YESPC software at 2006 Nepcon East
  5/4/2006 PPM and TestMart Sign Exclusive Government Services Partnership
  5/3/2006 Panel probes future of design-for-test
  5/2/2006 Agilent Auctions Off Palo Alto Lab
  5/2/2006 Agilent Technologies announces reorganization of its Electronic Measurements Group
  5/2/2006 ASE to Spin Off Material Business
  5/2/2006 IC design companies press for lower testing, packaging quotes
  5/2/2006 STATS ChipPAC Director Resigns
  5/1/2006 RF Engines And French CEA Collaborate On Advanced Measurement Techniques
  5/1/2006 Test & Measurement World China debuts
  5/1/2006 US Based Autotest Co. Opens (Shanghai) China Facility
  4/27/2006 ASE Testing Service Provider Revenue Up 39% Y/Y
  4/24/2006 Synopsys and Magma Square off in Court Monday
  4/19/2006 Teradyne Sales Jump 19%
  4/18/2006 EADS North America Defense Test And Services To Support U.S. Presidential Helicopter
  4/18/2006 JDSU To Acquire Test-Um; Expands Into Home Networking Test And Measurement Market
  4/18/2006 Teradyne Co-Founder DeWolf Dies
  4/12/2006 ZD Test appoints Axiomatek as exclusive representative for Mexico
  4/6/2006 U.S. Navy Orders Additional Jet Engine Test Instrumentation Systems From EADS
  4/4/2006 Measuring Electrical Arcs At The Micrometer Scale
  4/4/2006 Tokyo Electron delivers MEMS tester
  3/24/2006 Electroglas Reports $4.2M Loss in Q3
  3/23/2006 Agilent ATE Spinoff to Contract to Flextronics
  3/23/2006 Inventors Develop Semiconductor Wafer Defects Detection Method
  3/22/2006 Nextest Goes Public
  3/16/2006 Multiple sales for Viking Test Services
  3/16/2006 Racal Instruments Group has been officially relaunched as EADS Test and Services
  3/16/2006 Strategic alliance between GOPEL electronic and Mikrokrets AS
  3/15/2006 Strategic Alliance between GÖPEL electronic and Mikrokrets AS
  3/13/2006 Boeing Wedgetail Team Completes Radar Testing Milestone
  3/9/2006 Agilent's Verigy Files for IPO
  3/9/2006 Blue Technology and JTAG Technologies announce agreement
  3/6/2006 Launches New Website Search Capabilities
  3/3/2006 Firms partner on PCIe verification
  3/1/2006 BestTest and A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. to give away iPod at Measurement Science Conference
  3/1/2006 Enthusiasm and optimism evident as more than 10,000 converge at APEX
  3/1/2006 YESTech Wins 2006 Service Excellence Award
  2/28/2006 ASSET(R) Opens Boundary-Scan Technology Center in China
  2/28/2006 Intel Invests $300M for Assembly and Test in Vietnam Facility
  2/21/2006 Intel Begins Construction on Gaza IT Center
  2/21/2006 Keithley Receives Test of Time Award from Test & Measurement World Magazine
  2/16/2006 Briton EMS opts for XJTAG boundary scan to remove guesswork from test equation
  2/16/2006 Nanometrics Reports Record '05 Revenues
  2/16/2006 Spectroscope twist sees single molecules
  2/15/2006 GÖPEL electronic appoints Test Coach Corporation as Center of Expertise
  2/13/2006 Advantest expands patent fight to Taiwan
  2/13/2006 Agilent Technologies Reports First Quarter 2006 Results
  2/10/2006 Everett Charles Technologies Wins a VISION Award
  2/9/2006 ASE Test Q4 Sales, Earnings Up
  2/3/2006 UCLA develops nanotechnology safety test
  2/1/2006 Agilent and Speedline conduct joint research
  2/1/2006 Cadence income declines 55% despite boost in sales
  2/1/2006 Partners to develop at-speed test
  2/1/2006 President Bush to Help Electronics Industry - Valley’s Lobbying Pays Dividends
  2/1/2006 Win an iPod when you visit Booth at APEX
  1/26/2006 K&S Sells Test Businesses
  1/24/2006 Mentor Graphics And STARC Partner On Improved At-speed Test Methods For Nanometer Design
  1/18/2006 Teradyne announces Q4 results - sales up 18%
  1/16/2006 National Instruments' Consumer Electronics Play with Lego
  1/12/2006 Industry Steps Toward 802.11n
  1/12/2006 Semiconductor Test Spin-off to Be Called Verigy
  1/12/2006 VXI Technology Launches LXI Seminars
  1/5/2006 Best-In-Test Award won by GÖPEL electronic’s Boundary Scan Hardware Platform SCANFLEX®
  1/4/2006 Test & Measurement World Names NI Flexible-Resolution Digitizer Best in Test
  1/2/2006 Readers Honor Seven (Test ) Products As Best of 2005
Application Notes
  12/15/2006 Simple tester checks Christmas-tree lights
  12/12/2006 The scope controls the test
  11/9/2006 Agilent Technologies Releases Free Preamplifiers and System Noise Figure Application Note
  11/9/2006 Application Note: Protecting Signal Lines Against Electromagnetic Interference
  11/9/2006 Application Note: Shield Grounding
  10/17/2006 Debugging an automotive CAN bus
  10/16/2006 Collaboration integrates boundary scan with flying prober
  10/3/2006 Capacitance/Inductance Measurements
  6/20/2006 Instrument Control Technologies for Any Bus, Any Language
  6/20/2006 Virtual Instrumentation and Traditional Instruments
  5/16/2006 Complete Switching Tutorial
  5/8/2006 Agilent Technologies Releases Free Power Limiter Application Note
  5/1/2006 Noise Figure Measurement with the National Instruments RF Signal Generator and RF Vector Signal Analyzer
  4/16/2006 Six Things You Need to Know about USB Instrument Control
  4/1/2006 BGA Opens Detection: A DfT Approach
  4/1/2006 Cut noise from high-resistance measurements
  4/1/2006 Linux controls instruments through Ethernet
  3/16/2006 Audio-test accessory isolates and matches loads
  1/17/2006 Agilent System Developer Guide for LXI
  10/26/2006 IEST updates handbook on data acquisition and analysis
  10/1/2006 A quick course in fiber optics
  5/9/2006 Design and Test for Multiple Gbps Communication Devices and Systems
Case Studies
  11/29/2006 X-rays for notebook quality
  11/1/2006 How do you measure 500 GHz?
  11/1/2006 Keep the power on: Testing uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)
  11/1/2006 Scanning the scanners - Using 1149.1 as a window to circuitry
  10/3/2006 PXI-Based RF Component Testing System for Wireless Security Systems
  6/28/2006 NIST-Developed Noise Measurement Method Could Boost Cell Phone Performance
  6/19/2006 LXI Live Web Demo
  3/7/2006 Wi-Fi Alliance Chooses Azimuth Test Equipment For Certification Program
Conference Articles
  8/16/2006 AOI COMES OF AGE – NOW AOM
  2/7/2006 Engineers still suffering from jitter jitters
FREE Giveaways
  11/15/2006 Fundamentals of Timing Analysis Primer
  11/1/2006 Free DC and RF Component Measurement Techniques CD
  6/20/2006 Keithley's Fifth Edition Switching Handbook - FREE
  11/1/2006 Troubleshooting Wire Bonding - 8 ways to lower defect rates
  8/1/2006 Getting the most from LabVIEW
  3/15/2006 Rx: New test techniques
  3/15/2006 Rx: New test techniques - 65 nm technology
Humor and Words of Wisdom
  12/15/2006 Simple scheme saves string-light situation
  11/22/2006 The Truth About Microvoids What are they? Why should you care?
  8/17/2006 Testing, testing...2...3...4...
  5/12/2006 Finally, a song for engineers struggling to make measurements
Interviews and Forums
  12/14/2006 Arrow CEO: Electronics market is strong despite
  11/10/2006 Low Power Raises the Heat - low-power design and test issues
  10/6/2006 Interview with Wally Rhines, chairman and CEO of Mentor Graphics
  9/27/2006 Is DFT the key to reducing test costs?
  9/21/2006 ITC tutorials span DFT basics to RF test
  7/25/2006 The future is spelled "x-ray"
  7/18/2006 ITC to address expanding test role
  4/19/2006 Keith Barnes will become CEO of Agilent Technologies' semiconductor test subsidiary, Verigy
  4/3/2006 Avago takes semiconductor baton from Agilent
  4/1/2006 Today's testing, tomorrow's engineers - Interoperability communications test lab
  3/17/2006 The Bridge Between Manufacturing and Design
  2/21/2006 Agilent Technologies launches network analyzer web discussion forum
Magazine Articles
  12/18/2006 EDA 2006: Year of Confusion
  12/15/2006 Magnetic-field probe requires few components
  12/1/2006 Battling bugs: embedded debugging tactics
  12/1/2006 FPGAs Make Retinal Disease Treatment Faster and Safer
  12/1/2006 Machine Vision Speeds Up
  12/1/2006 Optimizing Test Requirements
  12/1/2006 Pb-Free Solder Joint Reliability
  12/1/2006 Short-Wire Test Fixtures Shrink Targets While Maintaining Integrity
  12/1/2006 Synthetic (Instruments) Means More Than Nylon
  12/1/2006 The Impact of the Third Edition of IEC 61000-4-3
  12/1/2006 What Happened to TIA-898?
  11/23/2006 Lower test costs start with IC design
  11/21/2006 Semiconductor packaging (/testing) companies requiring long-term contracts
  11/16/2006 A DFT Approach for Testing Embedded Systems Using DC Sensors
  11/16/2006 ESD protection tips to improve reliability
  11/16/2006 SIA: Semi Industry to Reach $321B in 2009
  11/16/2006 Test sequencing reduces test time, cost
  11/3/2006 Test challenges could trump future chip designs
  11/1/2006 Accelerated Testing Raises the Bar
  11/1/2006 Color enhances inspection results
  11/1/2006 Environmental Test Takes Too Much Time
  11/1/2006 Fiber-Optically Isolated Instrumentation Application
  11/1/2006 Instruments shorten nanoscale test times
  11/1/2006 Nonstandard Time Zones - Constant Clocks Cause EMI Pollution
  11/1/2006 RF Measurement Basics for Non-RF Test Engineers
  11/1/2006 STEP 9: Test & Inspection
  11/1/2006 Testing Low-Pass Filters With Digital Pins
  11/1/2006 The Art of Measuring Low Resistance
  11/1/2006 To mux or not to mux? - Multiplexed In-Circuit Board Testers
  10/28/2006 Milestones That Mattered: Software enables virtual instrumentation
  10/26/2006 Downlink enables remote boundary-scan tests
  10/26/2006 Reducing The Design Impact Of DFT In The Nanometer Era
  10/20/2006 Finally, Salaries Are Rising Again - 2006 Job Data
  10/16/2006 Are engineers diligent or just foolish?
  10/16/2006 DFT rule checkers glue design together
  10/1/2006 A Look Inside Automated X-Ray Inspection
  10/1/2006 Collecting Data Over an Area of 25 Square Miles
  10/1/2006 DFM, DFY get EDA industry emphasis
  10/1/2006 DFT rule checkers glue design together
  10/1/2006 Evaluating Return On Investment (ROI) of AXI vs. AOI
  10/1/2006 Evolutionary Changes for RF Device Testing
  10/1/2006 Expanded Role for JTAG DFT
  10/1/2006 Having More VNA Ports Improves Throughput
  10/1/2006 IEEE 1588 supports distributed test systems
  10/1/2006 Optimizing Test Operations to Cut Costs
  10/1/2006 The Dual-Ridged Horn Antenna
  10/1/2006 Using Timing Constraints For Generating At-Speed Test Patterns
  10/1/2006 Where to Place the Control Accelerometer
  9/30/2006 Air Force Material Command (AFMC) seeks to streamline test and evaluation processes
  9/29/2006 A state-of-the-art bus analyzer for testing AFDX/ARINC 664
  9/20/2006 PCB solderability assessment - the industry standard
  9/18/2006 Leakage takes priority at 65nm
  9/16/2006 X-ray Inspection Technology: Finding Hidden Defects
  9/1/2006 Causes of Solder Ball Formation
  9/1/2006 ESD Susceptibility of Precision-film Resistors
  9/1/2006 LXI triggering
  9/1/2006 Solving the MCP memory test challenge
  8/1/2006 Blob Analysis and Edge Detection In the Real World
  8/1/2006 Detective work finds board failures
  8/1/2006 Optical switch testing spans the ocean
  8/1/2006 Predeployment Testing of Wireless Mesh Networks
  8/1/2006 Required Amplifier Power in Automotive Radar Pulse Measurements
  8/1/2006 Scan for ESD-induced errors
  7/21/2006 NAND test costs soar out of control
  7/14/2006 Testing the Military Machine - Using Boundary Scan
  7/1/2006 A Test Strategy for Pre-Reflow AOI
  7/1/2006 Integrating Boundary Scan With Various ATE
  7/1/2006 Multisite Test Strategy For SIP Mobile Technologies
  7/1/2006 Scopes Don’t Just Display Waveforms
  7/1/2006 Socketless Probe Testing
  7/1/2006 Universal NOT= Simple
  6/29/2006 History of Inner-layer Testing
  6/19/2006 Intel Talks Terabit
  6/1/2006 Learning From Microvia Failure in Lead-Free Assembly
  6/1/2006 Military sets sights on JTAG to meet test coverage challenges imposed by COTS design
  6/1/2006 Scale JTAG to meet evolving embedded needs
  6/1/2006 Testing 10Gbit Fibre Channel
  6/1/2006 Testing solder joints for Pb-free connectors
  6/1/2006 Timing Analysis Principles for Digital PCBs, Parts 1 and 2
  5/24/2006 Addressing future test challenges via synthetic instrumentation
  5/22/2006 Just One Nanosecond: Clocking Events At The Nanoscale
  5/17/2006 Accelerated Testing Creates Better Products Sooner
  5/16/2006 RF test aims at wireless standards
  5/16/2006 Selecting test automation power supplies
  5/16/2006 Spread-spectrum clocking: measuring accuracy and depth
  5/1/2006 “About a Volt” Isn't Good Enough
  5/1/2006 AXI Test on Fine-Pitch Components Using Pb-Free and SnPb Solder
  5/1/2006 Contrasting Vision Systems
  5/1/2006 How Good Is Your Ground?
  5/1/2006 Image of perfection: Bringing up chips at IBM
  5/1/2006 Inspecting Post Wire-bond Interconnects
  5/1/2006 IPTV: Video's latest test frontier
  5/1/2006 Keeping It Clean - Powering an ATE
  5/1/2006 Moore’s Laws flawed?
  5/1/2006 Test takes new role in yield improvement
  5/1/2006 The Ups and Downs of Digital Data Conversion
  5/1/2006 Up in the air over cell-phone EMI - Using Cell Phones in Flight
  5/1/2006 Verification Methodology for Standards-based IP & SOC
  5/1/2006 What Problems Can Boundary Scan Solve?
  5/1/2006 Whither Analytical X-Ray - Using X-ray to find voids
  4/25/2006 LXI development continues
  4/16/2006 RF test aids in design of in-vehicle radiooperate
  4/16/2006 Testing and Assessing Lead-free Reliability - Part 1
  4/10/2006 MEMS-based oscillator threatens quartz; resonator could move on-chip
  4/1/2006 Anatomy of a Switch - Test System Switching
  4/1/2006 Change your approach to test equipment use, manage accordingly, witness dramatic results
  4/1/2006 Chips bring fingerprint verification a step further
  4/1/2006 Choosing the Right X-Ray Tool for the Job
  4/1/2006 Drilling Down Into FPGAs - Logic Analyzer on a Chip
  4/1/2006 Engineers Optimistic About Industry Comeback - Salary Survey
  4/1/2006 Interference-Free RF Device Testing
  4/1/2006 Power metering made easy
  4/1/2006 Tin Whiskers
  3/30/2006 Digital and microwave worlds converge in 10-Gbps-backplane design and test
  3/23/2006 Testing the Tester - Material Testing
  3/16/2006 LXI faces physical measurement challenges
  3/16/2006 Mobile applications challenge test-and-measurement tools
  3/16/2006 Verifying mixed-signal designs
  3/6/2006 Engineers get critical standards updates at Measurement Science Conference
  3/1/2006 Beating the BGA test blues
  3/1/2006 Beyond the China mystique
  3/1/2006 IC testing pushes zero defects in autos
  3/1/2006 Lead makes an electronic exit
  2/16/2006 Accelerate FPGA design success with early defect discovery
  2/16/2006 Extending the reach of JTAG/Boundary Scan - PXI based Boundary Scan systems featuring advanced test resources
  2/16/2006 Measuring 3-D Semiconductor Packages
  2/16/2006 Quality metric upgrade may ease IP selection
  2/16/2006 Scopes: more than meets the eye
  2/16/2006 Signal conditioning for high-impedance sensors
  2/2/2006 Specsmanship
  2/1/2006 (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) HSDPA Testing
  2/1/2006 2005 efforts suggest 2006 ATE and DFT trends
  2/1/2006 Analyzing and Troubleshooting Serial Data Buses
  2/1/2006 AOI - Gigabit Ethernet: Coming to a Camera Near You
  2/1/2006 Downtime is not an option
  2/1/2006 Easily Implement PLL Clock Switching for At-Speed Test
  2/1/2006 Full-Function DMMs
  2/1/2006 Integrating AOI and Selective Soldering
  2/1/2006 Technology Roadmap Sees Higher Sensitivity to ESD
  2/1/2006 The challenge of multisite test
  2/1/2006 The New EMC Directive - Are You Ready?
  2/1/2006 Wafer-Level High-Power Device Testing
  1/16/2006 Test, repair embedded memories for higher yield
  1/16/2006 Virtual instrumentation for user-defined measurement
  1/2/2006 Capturing and Evaluating High-Frequency Signals
  1/2/2006 Communications Test Advances
  1/2/2006 Removable Shielding Technologies for PCBs
  1/2/2006 The Finer Points of Test
  1/2/2006 Trends in Vibration Test
  1/1/2006 Compensating for Pb-Free Inspection
Presentation and Web Seminar Archives
  12/1/2006 Agilent offers WiMAX eSeminar and tool kit CD free-of-charge
  10/18/2006 Testing for EMC Compliance: Approaches and Techniques
  6/28/2006 RF Back to Basics: Power Measurements
  6/14/2006 Getting More Out of Your Oscilloscope
  4/4/2006 Bus Technologies for Test and Measurement Systems
  2/21/2006 PXI 101: Introduction to the PXI Platform
  2/15/2006 NI Joins Test And Measurement Companies To Host PXI Technology And Applications Conference Series
  1/19/2006 USB Module Becomes 5-in-1 Test Instrument
Product Releases
  12/21/2006 Combined System from SPEA and JTAG Technologies
  12/20/2006 GOEPEL electronics intros new PXI Module for JTAG/Boundary Scan Test of differential I/O
  12/14/2006 GOEPEL electronic's JTAG/Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX now offers off-the-shelf support for Environmental Chambers
  12/13/2006 Current monitor eases bidirectional measurement
  12/13/2006 Upgraded ATE enters US market
  12/11/2006 National Instruments Among First to Offer Engineers Compatibility with Windows Vista
  12/7/2006 Comet introduces new x-ray modules
  12/7/2006 Instrument tests clock circuits, PLLs, oscillators
  12/6/2006 KLA-Tencor Launches Overlay Metrology for 45nm Chips
  12/4/2006 Agilent Technologies' New Draft-802.11n MIMO Test Solution Features Innovative Analysis
  12/3/2006 Phone tester adds option for China's TD-SCDMA
  12/1/2006 X-ray imaging concept may reveal single nanoscale structures
  11/29/2006 Agilent Medalist Bead Probe Technology allows board trace probing
  11/29/2006 OptimalTest promises better yields through test management
  11/29/2006 Unique Board Test Access for JTAG access via Intel® LGA Sockets
  11/29/2006 YESTech announces new XXX 3-D X-Ray inspection software
  11/27/2006 Precision temp sensor is lowest-power for 3G phones
  11/21/2006 Aeroflex adds WiMAX, 1xEvDO, and HSUPA suites to PXI platform
  11/21/2006 Boundary Scan Software Platform SYSTEM CASCON™ with new Tools for IEEE 1149.6
  11/21/2006 Hitachi Brain Interface Allows Users to Control Model Trains
  11/21/2006 Microwave counters operate to 60 GHz
  11/21/2006 National Instruments debuts PCI Express instruments, adds FPGA support
  11/21/2006 Pickering introduces LXI microwave switching platform
  11/21/2006 Rohde & Schwarz adds instruments and wireless standards support
  11/20/2006 Automobile Diagnostic Tool Attaches Easily
  11/20/2006 Ceramic capacitor prevents short-circuit failures
  11/16/2006 Credence unveils failure-analysis system
  11/16/2006 Keithley leaps into PXI market
  11/16/2006 RTL-To-GDSII Flow Encompasses Embedded Memory Test And Repair
  11/15/2006 XJTAG Professional Development System unveiled at Electronica
  11/14/2006 Keithley Introduces PXI Products for Hybrid Test Systems
  11/14/2006 Teradyne announces Debug Pro(TM) test programming and Debug Software for TestStation In-Circuit PCB testers
  11/14/2006 Teradyne expands TestStation scalability with UltraPin II pin board family
  11/10/2006 The migration from different test systems
  11/8/2006 16-bit PCI/PXI boards capture 3 Msamples/s
  11/8/2006 Frame grabbers support major camera buses
  11/1/2006 Agilent Technologies Introduces Deepest Memory Logic Analyzer
  11/1/2006 Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's First LXI Class C Compliant Oscilloscope Family
  10/30/2006 LogicVision tool plumbs test data for clues on IC yields
  10/26/2006 Boundary Scan Software Platform SYSTEM CASCON™ with next Generation User Interface
  10/26/2006 Signal Forge adds test functions to signal generators
  10/26/2006 WiMAX Test Options Enhance Handheld Base Station Tester
  10/26/2006 YESTech announces new YTX-6000 automated x-ray inspection system
  10/25/2006 New tool bundles integrate design and verification
  10/25/2006 TestKompress, YieldAssist get upgrades
  10/24/2006 ARM and Cadence Collaborate on Testability Requirements of ARM Partners With Encounter Test
  10/24/2006 ARM develops memory BIST solution
  10/24/2006 ATEasy 6.0 Download Available
  10/24/2006 Azimuth
  10/24/2006 Intellitech announces support for Xilinx Virtex 4 SERDES tests in its Eclipse products
  10/24/2006 Intellitech integrates ASSET Intertech ScanWorks with its Eclipse 1149.1/JTAG products
  10/24/2006 Scan Test-Pattern Compressor Sports Upgrades
  10/24/2006 Synopsys Links Test, Yield Tools for Faster Yield Ramp
  10/23/2006 JTAG Technologies Delivers 1149.6 Testing with Diagnostics
  10/23/2006 Streamlined Software Interface for Production Boundary-Scan Testing
  10/19/2006 Magma affirms design for test strategy
  10/18/2006 GOEPEL electronic presents new low-cost Controller for JTAG/Boundary Scan
  10/18/2006 ProbeStar introduces the MATE series of switching solutions
  10/17/2006 Industry's First Lab Quality Handheld RF Power Meter
  10/17/2006 LXI Wired Trigger Bus (WTB) accessories simplify LXI test setups
  10/16/2006 Globetech Solutions Announces STIL Verifier
  10/16/2006 Pickering Interfaces Introduces New LXI Microwave Switching Platform
  10/16/2006 Spectrum analyzer captures transient RF behavior
  10/12/2006 AWG PCI cards offer up to 4GSamples onboard memory
  10/12/2006 Measuring wafer shape, thickness, and stress
  10/11/2006 Tektronix touts significant advancement in TDR test tech
  10/11/2006 Testing tools roll for Certified Wireless USB devices
  10/9/2006 Agilent Technologies showcases unsurpassed WiMAX test and measurement performance at WiMAX World USA 2006
  10/9/2006 Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX with revolutionary VarioCore™ Module for universal programming and test
  10/6/2006 JTAG Technologies to Introduce ProVision dot6 Test at Electronica
  10/5/2006 Agilent adds test option to accelerate yield ramp-up phase
  10/5/2006 Lloyd Doyle introduces new tool for solder bump inspection
  10/4/2006 Agilent Technologies announces newest ENA Series RF network analyzer
  10/4/2006 ASSET's® new controller is first to perform both JTAG and functional emulation testing
  10/3/2006 RF tester supports China's TD-SCDMA standard
  10/2/2006 Agilent brings parametric test to new market to accelerate yield ramp-up phase
  10/2/2006 ARB generators produce highest-frequency signals
  9/26/2006 Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) sets speed record
  9/26/2006 Test products support PCI Express, HDMI
  9/25/2006 BAE, NI, And Phase Matrix To Develop Synthetic Instrument
  9/25/2006 R&S Releases Radio Network Analyzers For Test And Measurement Applications
  9/21/2006 Data Translation to develop synthetic-instrument software
  9/21/2006 Test tool speeds development of mobile devices and applications
  9/20/2006 Agilent Technologies broadens LXI-compliant product offering with LXI Class B plans for MXA Signal Analyzer and MXG Signal Generator
  9/20/2006 Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX fully integrated in SPEA 3030 In-Circuit Tester
  9/18/2006 Geotest Releases ATEasy Version 6.0
  9/18/2006 New Combination Chassis Utilizes Smart Features
  8/15/2006 New USB converters connect PCs and laptops to legacy serial devices
  8/9/2006 National Instruments Targets FPGA Design with Test Platform
  8/9/2006 Teradyne Diagnostic Solutions Gives Preview of Its Automechanika Product Launch
  8/1/2006 LeCroy Introduces High-End Protocol Analyzer
  8/1/2006 Working in a Friendly Boundary Scan Environment
  7/28/2006 Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX supports PC Bus Standard PCI Express
  7/24/2006 Magma Unveils New Products, New Customers
  7/20/2006 Speedy JTAG controller priced below $10,000
  7/19/2006 Boundary-scan tool eases FPGA, CPLD programming
  7/19/2006 Wireless Sensor System Measures Force Data On Moving Objects
  7/18/2006 Mentor DFT Tools Fully Support TSMC's Reference Flow 7.0
  7/18/2006 Mixed-signal module for OpenStar system
  7/17/2006 Tektronix Announces Mobile Test Platform For 3G And 3.5G Broadband Wireless Network Elements
  7/13/2006 Linear Technology buys Eagle testers
  7/12/2006 EMI test speed jumps hundredfold with FFTs
  7/10/2006 Agilent Technologies' flat-panel-display test system increases multisite and high-resolution capabilities
  7/7/2006 Automatic X-ray inspection - New system generation
  7/1/2006 Boundary-scan system gains SPI and I2C interfaces
  7/1/2006 Mobile Wi-Fi power consumption tester debuts
  6/30/2006 AlazarTech Introduces World's Fastest 16-Bit PCI Digitizer
  6/30/2006 NI unveils 'highest-voltage' PXI switch module
  6/29/2006 High Speed Deposit Verification System
  6/28/2006 Synopsys Rolls Out Transistor-Level Static Timing Analysis
  6/26/2006 Advantest brings PXI instruments to event-based IC tester
  6/20/2006 Agilent Unveils Wireless Test System
  6/20/2006 Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX introduces new generation of reconfigurable I/O Modules
  6/20/2006 Way, Way Faster Than a Speeding Bullet - IBM's 500 GHz Chip
  6/1/2006 Agilent Introduces industry's most advanced fixed configuration Logic Analyzers
  6/1/2006 Breaking the verification barrier
  5/25/2006 Data-acquisition system captures 16-bit voltage measurements using the USB
  5/23/2006 Agilent Announces LXI Certification Of Six Microwave Synthetic Instruments
  5/18/2006 Aeroflex and Kenwood USA team up for P25 test
  5/18/2006 LogicVision Announces the Industry's First True At-Speed Deterministic Test Compression Solution
  5/16/2006 Agilent augments PCB vectorless test for tiny devices
  5/15/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces industry's first LXI-certified function/arbitrary waveform generator
  5/15/2006 Pickering Interfaces introduces 'world's highest density' single slot 3U PXI modules
  5/10/2006 LitePoint Announces Test System For WiMAX Products
  5/10/2006 XJTAG improves PCB test coverage and fault diagnosis
  5/9/2006 JDSU Introduces 2.5/2.7G Jitter/Wander Test Solution
  5/8/2006 18-GHz real-time scope takes highest-bandwidth honors
  5/8/2006 Mentor Graphics Delivers the Next Generation of Functional Verification
  5/3/2006 GÖPEL electronic's SCANFLEX JTAG/Boundary Scan Platform easily integrates into TAKAYA Flying Prober
  5/3/2006 Leaded Solder Test Kit
  5/2/2006 KineticSystems Releases New CompactPCI/PXI ADC Module
  5/2/2006 Test and Debug IBM® PowerPC™ 4xx boards
  5/1/2006 Advanced Logic and Memory Burn-In With Test
  5/1/2006 NI Enhances Communications Test Platform with 2.5 and 5 GHz RF Multiplexers
  4/27/2006 Keithley introduces new line of pulse and pattern generators
  4/24/2006 Azimuth debuts Wi-Fi mesh testing
  4/24/2006 Cadence Targets Verification Scenario Creation
  4/21/2006 PXI chassis, controllers increase bandwidth to 1GBps per slot
  4/19/2006 Aeroflex completes wireless test cases
  4/19/2006 Huntron to distribute EMA Magnifying Viewer in North America
  4/13/2006 JTAG/Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX offers new I/O Module for Mixed Signal Test
  4/11/2006 USB switch comes with ESD protection
  4/10/2006 Power meter ICs target global market
  4/7/2006 Pickering Interfaces Introduces New LXI Video Matrix
  4/5/2006 AR Worldwide Launches Amplifiers For Testing WiMAX Output Devices
  4/5/2006 VMETRO introduces API for Vanguard Analyzers
  4/4/2006 JTAG ProVision Accelerates Development of Boundary-scan Applications
  4/3/2006 3.5G wireless tester gets 1xEV-DO phone option
  4/3/2006 Agilent Technologies expands vectorless test extended performance (VTEP) with intelligent VTEP
  4/3/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces industry's highest scalability fibre channel SAN test system for director class switches
  4/3/2006 GaGe’s Low-cost Multi-channel Digitizers Now Available
  4/3/2006 LXI switch/control units fit 1U-high half-rack slots
  4/1/2006 A Scope That Captures AND Analyzes
  3/31/2006 RF detector eliminates external components
  3/31/2006 Synopsys' DFT MAX reduces test costs on Nvidia GPUs
  3/28/2006 Functional and in-circuit test system at Nepcon
  3/28/2006 JTAG/Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX supports new standard PXI Express
  3/27/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces industry's first LXI Unit in switching and control
  3/23/2006 Agilent Announces Spectrum Analyzers With Frequency Coverage Up To 50 GHz
  3/23/2006 AMREL Introduces their MML Series, a Mini Modular eLoad Designed for the Micro Power Industry at APEC 2006
  3/21/2006 LTX Introduces New DC Options For X-Series Fusion Test Systems
  3/20/2006 New SCANFLEX Boundary Scan Transceivers for In-Circuit Testers
  3/17/2006 California Inventor Develops Frame Scale Package
  3/16/2006 Bluetooth Test Instrument with EDR and AFH Measurement Capability
  3/16/2006 Test service handles cell-phone chipsets
  3/16/2006 Test System for Electric Motor and Rotating Electrical Devices
  3/14/2006 Dependency models get to grips with C/C++ code
  3/8/2006 Flying prober ups speed, downs cost
  3/6/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces industry-first 100 Gb/s BERT
  3/3/2006 Aeroflex adds handset trace capability to laboratory test system
  3/3/2006 Data Translation Software Used To Verify Hardware Conformance Of New LXI standard
  3/3/2006 New low-cost CAN Communication Module on PXI/PCI basis
  3/2/2006 GÖPEL electronic's new stand-alone AOI System guarantees highest Fault Coverage and Test Speed
  3/2/2006 Pendulum Instruments introduces GPS controlled rubidium Frequency Standard.
  3/2/2006 Signal analyzer for automotive FlexRay LAN
  3/1/2006 Gage Applied Technologies New-Generation Digitizers Now Perform On-board Peak Detection
  2/28/2006 Portable scopes accelerate embedded-system debug
  2/28/2006 Test Probe Small Enough to Squeeze Under BGAs
  2/27/2006 Seica introduces Migration Program
  2/23/2006 Pickering Interfaces Introduces New PXI-based Battery Simulator
  2/23/2006 Rasterizers add eye and jitter measurements, ARIB support
  2/21/2006 Agilent introduces industry's fastest DRAM production tester
  2/16/2006 Agilent introduces new oscilloscope
  2/16/2006 Bluetooth testers support V2.0 + EDR
  2/16/2006 Defect Inspection and Analysis Using Atomic Force Microscopy
  2/16/2006 Espec's thermal shock chamber needs little room
  2/16/2006 Quake detector preps for market
  2/14/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces first event identification software for digital designers
  2/14/2006 Agilent Technologies N2X multiservices test solution first to offer MEF 14
  2/14/2006 New X-Ray system from phoenix|x-ray
  2/12/2006 Digitaltest announces new boundary scan solution
  2/8/2006 Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX meets FireWire
  2/8/2006 Digitaltest Unveils Second Generation Flying Probe Technology
  2/7/2006 ViTechnology unveils bench-top AOI system at APEX
  2/6/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces industry's first jitter tolerance compliance test suite...
  2/6/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces industry's first PCI express multi-lane receiver compliance test suite
  2/6/2006 Agilent Technologies releases industry's first radio equipment test solution for CPRI standard
  2/6/2006 Legacy Replacement (ATE migration)
  2/6/2006 NI, TI and Spectrum Digital partner in new DSP Starter Kit
  2/6/2006 RF signal generator breaks speed barriers
  2/3/2006 KLA-Tencor Unveils Latest eBeam Tool
  2/3/2006 RVSI Inspection Introduces Vision System for Defect Inspection
  2/2/2006 Controller card supports IEEE-488/GPIB in PXI systems
  2/2/2006 Tektronix rolls out new monitoring tool for video over IP
  1/25/2006 GOEPEL electronic's JTAG/Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX with new Transceiver for Flying Prober Integration
  1/24/2006 Agilent Technologies announces VoIP test kit
  1/23/2006 I²C-Bus Analyzer Wears Many Hats
  1/23/2006 Seica to introduce new flying probe MDA test system at Componex India
  1/18/2006 AOI Systems Use Complex-Array LED Source
  1/18/2006 Keithley Introduces New Line Of RF Test Instruments
  1/18/2006 National Instruments DIAdem 10.0 Enhances Test Data Mining, Management
  1/17/2006 Agilent Technologies introduces industry-first digital vector signal analysis measurement solutions
  1/17/2006 Ricreations awarded key IEEE 1149.1 patent related to its Universal Scan boundary scan test product.
  1/16/2006 Locate a PCB short in 10 msec
  1/16/2006 Signal Generator Has 1 Hz Resolution and 2 ppm Accuracy
  1/15/2006 onTAP Boundary Scan Software Download Available
  1/10/2006 EXFO Introduces Handheld OTDR For FTTx Test Applications
  12/29/2006 Winners & Losers in 2006
  12/27/2006 Top electronics dogs of 2006
  12/18/2006 iNEMI Updates Tin Whiskers Findings
  12/15/2006 The Hot 100 products of 2006
  12/14/2006 Gartner highlights key predictions for IT organizations in 2007 and beyond
  12/6/2006 Foolish Forecast: Should You Believe in Credence?
  12/5/2006 SEMI: Equipment Sales to Top $50B by 2009
  12/1/2006 Best in Test Awards—Winners announced!
  11/14/2006 PCB Industry Forecast
  11/6/2006 Union Calls for Action over Cancer Risks in Chip Industry
  11/1/2006 Getting to the root of capacitor shorts
  11/1/2006 Machine-Vision & Inspection Test Report
  9/25/2006 Cool-Down Forecasted in Chip Industry
  9/21/2006 How does your salary compare to that of other test engineers?
  8/1/2006 How does your salary compare to that of other test engineers?
  7/19/2006 Aehr, Teradyne see surge in booming ATE business
  7/7/2006 ATE industry could see 'pause' in 2H
  7/7/2006 Capital Equipment to Rise and Fall
  6/26/2006 PC Failure Rates Down, Gartner Says
  5/18/2006 Chip equipment market to exceed forecast - ATE will rebound
  5/18/2006 Transistor Testing Costs a 'Serious’ Problem
  5/5/2006 Get Used To Tin Whiskers
  5/3/2006 Rising Demand for Test and Measurement - Healthy Growth in the South Korean Market
  5/1/2006 Here come the lawyers - Destroy calibration data?
  4/18/2006 Gartner boosts '06 capital equipment forecast - ATE market to rebound
  3/22/2006 VLSI: Equipment Suppliers See Sales Slip - ATE companies 4th & 5th place
  3/2/2006 Automatic test equipment manufacturers under pressure
  3/1/2006 Electronics, information industry sales to grow in China by 20% in 2006
  2/20/2006 What's Inside .. Apple iPod nano?
  2/17/2006 SEMI Book-to-Bill Ratio on the Rise
  2/16/2006 2006 Semi Market Growth to be Followed by Slowdown
  2/16/2006 Growth of European test, measurement equipment market hinges on awareness
  1/19/2006 Tops in Test - The Top 10 Test Companies
  1/3/2006 CEA: No Slowdown in Consumer Electronics
  7/28/2006 GÖPEL electronic’s JTAG/Boundary Scan Software SYSTEM CASCON now supports Altera’s USB Blaster
  2/7/2006 IEEE Approves First Electrical Property Measurement Standard For Carbon Nanotubes
  12/5/2006 IEEE-Standards Association Amends Patent Policy
  11/21/2006 Alcohol detection technology proposed to stop drunken driving
  11/7/2006 Test service opens for camera-phone modules
  11/6/2006 Consortium Releases Revision 1.1 of the LXI Standard
  9/25/2006 IEEE developing lithium-ion battery standard
  8/1/2006 Voting exposes cracks in IEEE process
  6/19/2006 Qualcomm, Intel Feud at IEEE
  6/1/2006 IEEE standardizes 'e' language - for verification
  5/25/2006 IEEE Begins Modular Interconnect Standard for Automated Test Systems
  5/4/2006 JEDEC and IPC Release Tin Whisker Acceptance Testing
  4/1/2006 New Standards on Tin Whisker Mitigation
  3/23/2006 IEEE to develop EMI standards for modular electronics
Web postings, including BestTest Newsletter Feature Articles
  12/16/2006 LXI, the "Next Generation" Replacement for GPIB
  12/16/2006 Where is LAN / LXI Best used for Instrument Control?
  12/1/2006 GPIB (IEEE-488) Offers Advantages in Low-Latency Applications
  11/20/2006 Using boundary scan throughout the product lifecycle
  11/16/2006 When to Choose PXI Instruments
  11/16/2006 Why Customers Choose PXI
  11/1/2006 When to Choose VXI Based Instruments
  10/26/2006 For Truth In Testing, Try An Independent Lab
  10/25/2006 ITC: Behind Closed Doors with Test Experts
  10/25/2006 Test and the fabless company
  10/17/2006 How to Minimize Errors for Low-Current Measurements
  10/16/2006 How to Selecting a Tool for Testability Analysis and Scan Insertion
  10/1/2006 Selecting a Noise Generator
  9/19/2006 Toshiba Recalls 340,000 Sony-Manufactured Batteries
  8/16/2006 How to Select USB-based Instruments
  8/16/2006 New developments expand range of boundary scan's applications
  8/1/2006 How to Select a Logic Analyzer for Under $1,000
  7/21/2006 Selecting a spectrum analyzer for wireless
  7/18/2006 Logic Analyzer Selection Chart
  7/16/2006 Considerations for Selecting Test Systems Using Flying Probe Access
  7/16/2006 LXI Live Web Demo
  6/16/2006 Low-power IC test can be trying
  5/16/2006 Considerations in Selecting a Bus Analyzer
  5/16/2006 How to Select a Bus Analyzer
  5/16/2006 How to Select the Right Bus Analyzers and Controllers
  5/1/2006 Selecting and Purchasing Frequency Synthesizer Products
  4/16/2006 Finding your way around ESD Standards
  4/1/2006 Diagnostic Tools Fit Specific Needs; Success Comes from Best Match-Ups
  4/1/2006 Diagnostic Tools using Automatic Probing
  4/1/2006 Selecting a Systems Diagnostic Design Development Tool
  4/1/2006 Selecting the Best Technology For Troubleshooting No Fault Found / Intermittent Conditions
  3/16/2006 AOI as Part of a Winning Test Strategy
  3/16/2006 The Capability of AOI Systems – More than Just the Sum of their Parts
  3/7/2006 Linux Meets Virtual Instrumentation
  3/4/2006 Boundary scan's horizons are expanding
  3/4/2006 Single SOC test challenge for Blu-ray DVD
  3/1/2006 Dynamic Burn-In of High Pin Count Logic Devices with Monitoring Capability
  3/1/2006 Optimize Your Burn-In Design
  2/20/2006 A Unified DFT Verification Methodology
  2/16/2006 How to Choose an OTDR to Test and Troubleshoot LAN Infrastructure
  2/16/2006 How to Select an OTDR
  2/1/2006 How to Select an In-Circuit Tester
  1/16/2006 An Integrated High Power Switching Solution
  1/16/2006 How to Select the Right Switching Product
  1/16/2006 Switching Basics in RF Applications
White Papers
  11/21/2006 Designing and Maintaining a Test System for Longevity
  8/3/2006 LXI delivers real benefits now, Plus flexibility for the future
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1/30 - 2/1
   Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium
2/6 - 2/8
2/20 - 2/27
   APEX/IPC Printed Circuits Expo
2/24 - 2/27
   Electrical Safety and Reliability Conference
2/25 - 3/1
   Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC)
2/27 - 3/2
   Expo Comm Mexico
   Boundary Scan Day UK
3/11 - 3/14
   IEEE Latin-American Test Workshop (LATW 2007)
3/21 - 3/23
   Electronica and Productronica China
4/1 - 4/5
   Embedded Systems Conference
4/4 - 4/6
4/11 - 4/13
   IEEE Workshop on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS 2007)
4/15 - 4/19
   International Reliability Physics Symposium
4/16 - 4/20
   International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2007)
4/16 - 4/20
   Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE)
   Diagnostic Services in Network-on-Chips
4/24 - 4/27
   Nepcon China 2007
4/30 - 5/3
   International Instrumentation Symposium
5/6 - 5/10
5/8 - 5/10
   Automotive Testing Expo Europe
5/10 - 5/11
   IEEE International Workshop on Open Source Test Technology Tools
5/15 - 5/17
5/20 - 5/24
   12th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS'07)
5/24 - 5/25
   European Board Test Workshop (EBTW)
6/4 - 6/8
   44th Design Automation Conference
6/19 - 6/22
   Nepcon Malaysia
6/20 - 6/21
   Successful Lead-Free RoHS Strategies Conference – Do it Right, Do it Now
6/21 - 6/24
   Nepcon Thailand
8/28 - 8/31
   NEPCON South China
9/17 - 9/21
   AutoTestCon 2007
9/21 - 9/23
   IEEE Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing (WiCOM2007)
10/7 - 10/11
   SMTA International 2007
11/6 - 11/8
   Bohai Electronics Week
6/3 - 6/6
New Definitions
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Amdahl's Law
Bit Depth
Crystal Oscillator
Design For Manufacturing for Integrated Circuits
Design for X
Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction
Frequency Drift
Functional Yield Loss
Gauss (unit)
Intermodulation Distortion
Intermodulation or Cross Modulation
Measurement Studio
Par Meter
Parametric Design Marginalities
Phase Distortion
Scalability or Scalable
Test Related Yield Loss
Transient Distortion
Von Neumann Architecture
Weber (unit)
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