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Volume 9 Number 21 November 16, 2005

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This Issue's Feature Articles

Buying Used Equipment

By: Jim Coker, Manager, TESLA

Product/Service Focus

This issue's focus is Test Equipment Distributors. You can view and add to our existing list of Test Vendors, Test Products/Services, Test Literature

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What's New in Test
  11/11/2005 Capacitor Failures Hit Dell Q3 Profits
  11/11/2005 LTX Adds to Board of Directors
  11/10/2005 SystemVerilog Approved as IEEE Standard
  11/8/2005 ASSET(R) Works to Include System-Level Boundary-Scan Test into the MicroTCA Spec
  11/8/2005 LabVIEW Users Define Tools To Create Source Code Instrument Drivers
  11/7/2005 LogicVision cuts jobs, chairman resigns
  11/1/2005 Intelligent Solutions for Extended JTAG/Boundary Scan presented at ITC 2005
  11/1/2005 Magma to Feature Integration of DFT into the RTL-to-GDSII Flow at International Test Conference
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  11/4/2005 Testing the Waters
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  11/1/2005 Ensuring Performance Of 10GbE Networks
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  11/1/2005 Save Money by Buying More Equipment - Automated Switching
  11/1/2005 VoIP complicates test
  11/1/2005 Zero-Defect IC Inspection (Using AOI)
Presentation and Web Seminar Archives
  11/2/2005 Intellitech presents techniques for PCB Self-Test at ITC
Product Releases
  11/15/2005 Automatic X-ray inspection from Viscom
  11/15/2005 New Series of low cost JTAG/Boundary Scan Controllers
  11/14/2005 USB Temperature Loggers Offer Eight Channels
  11/11/2005 AMREL Introduces the First Integral Fuel Cell Impedance Analyzer
  11/9/2005 Intellitech Announces Next Generation SystemBIST IC for Flexible FPGA
  11/9/2005 Synopsys Spins New Physical Model
  11/8/2005 LitePoint announces two new wireless test solutions
  11/8/2005 GÖPEL electronic's JTAG/Boundary Scan Platform SCANFLEX® pioneers industrial IEEE 1149.4 applications
  11/8/2005 TapCommunicator(tm) Provides Unique Long-Distance Test, In-System Programming & Diagnostics
  11/7/2005 Gage Applied Technologies Announces New Family of Multi-Channel Digitizers
  11/7/2005 Pickering introduces new LXI & PXI products at Aerospace Testing Expo
  11/4/2005 High-performance Remote Strain Gage Measurement Unit
  11/2/2005 Agilent rolls out new VoIP call trace signaling analyzer
  11/2/2005 PC-based Oscilloscopes from High Performance to Low Cost
  11/1/2005 Azimuth Systems Debuts MIMO Channel Emulator for Wi-Fi Test
  11/1/2005 Mentor expands DFM strategy with YieldAssist diagnostics tool
Web postings
  11/1/2005 Engine Control Module Test System Selection
  11/1/2005 How to select an Automobile Test System
Buying Used Equipment
Jim Coker, Manager, TESLA

The first piece of advice is “do your homework.”  There is always a risk on purchasing anything.  There are ways to minimize that risk by knowing the product and the vendor that you are dealing with.

I would also suggest that you get two or three quotes, unless you have a long standing relationship with this vendor.

When you are buying  equipment there are several points that you should consider:

  1. Know what you are looking for and if it requires any options.  Also are substitutes ok?  

  2. What type of warranty does it come with and what is covered.  Is there a right of return?

  3. Does it come with standard accessories?  (Standard accessories are what came with it new).

  4. What condition is the equipment in?  If it is refurbished, what do they mean by that?

  5. Does the equipment come tested or calibrated?  What is the delivery time?

  6. Can you rent for one month and turn it into a purchase?  If so what percentage will apply toward purchase.

  7. Get two or three quotes and select the one to meet your criteria.  Getting 10 or more quotes will increase the price because many vendors will be searching for the same item.

On the vendor side there are several concerns too.  


Dealers/brokers can range from a single person with a computer selling equipment to companies with hundreds of employees.  There are over 2000 resellers in the United States alone.

  1.  Are they a broker or a dealer.  Do they carry an inventory?

  2.  How long have they been in business and what size are they?

  3.  Do they have an onsite laboratory or technical resource person(s)?

  4.  Do they have different plans for the purchase of equipment?

  5.  Who is the contact person if there is a problem with the equipment?

  6.  What is their standard warranty?   Are loaners available during repair?

  7.  Can they give you a couple of references?

This is by now way a complete list of criteria when it comes to buying used equipment.  With a little planning and fore thought you will be able to save yourself a lot of frustration.

Buying from an online auction is another way, but it is a high risk.  If you buy from auctions know if the equipment is still repairable by the manufacturer and the standard repair price.  If possible get a right of return if the equipment is defective.

Jim Coker, Manager, TESLA

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