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Volume 9 Number 19 October 16, 2005


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This Issue's Feature Article

Choosing a Calibration Service Provider

By: Anthony James, Norvada LLC

Product/Service Focus

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Choosing a Calibration Service Provider
In our modern world of high-level manufacturing and equipment maintenance, and various industries’ increasingly stringent quality requirements, the regular calibration and certification of measuring and test equipment has become an absolute necessity for instrument owners.  However, it is no longer enough to simply pick a calibration laboratory out of the phone book, or simply send the equipment back to the manufacturer – it is important to pick a laboratory which meets your quality requirements, can provide the turn-around time you need, and do it within your budgetary restraints.  Let’s take a look at each of these factors.

Your Quality Requirements
Obviously, the importance of each factor is dependent on each company’s policies and requirements.  For some, price may be a bigger factor than turn-around or quality requirements in determining which calibration laboratory to use.  Whatever the importance, your quality requirements should be the first thing you consider – if the laboratory can’t meet or exceed your company’s requirements, how long the laboratory takes or how much they charge never comes into play.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:
· “Do I need an accredited calibration?”
If your answer is “Yes”, the first thing you need to look for is a laboratory that has been accredited to A2LA.  But seeing that accreditation logo, certificate and registration number is just the start.  Make sure you request a copy of the laboratory’s accreditation scope – if the lab is accredited, but not in one of the measurement areas you require, then their accreditation doesn’t do you any good.
· “Do I need to use an ISO registered laboratory?”
Over the years, this has more and more become an absolute requirement when picking which calibration laboratory to use – it is also one of the easiest to determine.  Ask your potential calibration suppliers for their registration number and a copy of their registration certificate; and remember to make sure that they have had their follow-up audits!  A six or seven year old certificate and no follow-up audits is just as valid as an expired drivers license.
· “Do I need to audit this calibration laboratory?”
Sometimes, regardless of a laboratory’s certificates and registrations, it is still necessary for your company to perform an audit of their facility, policies, and quality manual.  Before you go jumping on the next airplane, you need to determine whether you can get by with an audit questionnaire, or if an onsite visit is absolutely necessary.  If you can determine everything you need to know from a questionnaire, save both yourself and the laboratory the expense and inconvenience of the onsite audit.  If you feel that an onsite audit is necessary, the definitely contact the lab’s quality manager and get it scheduled.  Keep in mind:  If a laboratory is not willing to schedule an onsite audit, they may not be right for you.

Your Turn-around and Price Requirements
You have found several laboratories which all meet your quality requirements, and all can perform calibration and certification on your equipment.  From here, how do you determine which laboratory to use?  Here is where turn-around time and price – which go hand-in-hand – become important.  A lot of this is subjective, depending on how much money you have in your budget, and how long you can go without your equipment.

It doesn’t do you any good to get your equipment back in two days, if it blows out your calibration budget for the rest of the year; what are you going to do in six months when it all comes due again?

Don’t be afraid to ask the laboratories for cost and turn-around time proposals, so you can perform easy comparisons.  Make sure to have them note any equipment they may need to subcontract, and how much they are going to charge you for handling that equipment.

When reviewing the proposals, if you find any equipment that is decently priced, find out if the laboratory has an expedite service and how much the markup is.

Other Considerations
Along with the quality, turn-around, and price issues, there are some other things you want to consider:
· Customer Service – Is the laboratory staff friendly, responsive and easy to work with?
If you really want to find out how good their service is, send in a single instrument, and see what kind of service you get.
· Laboratory – Customer Relationship – Does the laboratory want to establish a long-term relationship with my company, or am I simply another customer number?
· Onsite Work – Does the laboratory offer onsite / in-plant calibration service?
· Web Reporting – Can I review job status and equipment history, and reprint calibration certificates online?

When it comes to picking your calibration service provider, make sure to take the time to investigate all of your options, and make an informed choice of the best laboratory to meet all of your company’s needs.
Anthony P. James, Norvada, LLC
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