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Volume 9 Number 17 September 16, 2005

AutoTestCon 2005
Sep 26-29, Orlando, FL

Attend the Technical Session at AutoTestCon
Design for Built-In Test
by Louis Y. Ungar
Monday, 9/26/05 at 1:00 PM

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This Issue's Feature Articles

AutoTestCon is Not Just for Military Testing Any More


Louis Y. Ungar of BestTest interviewed some members of the AutoTestCon 2005 Staff
Product/Service Focus

This issue's focus is Military ATE. You can You can view and add to our existing list of Miltary ATE Products and Services, Military Test Related PublishingMilitary Test Vendors

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What's New in Test
  9/16/2005 LXI Consortium announces Pickering Interfaces as a New Board Member
  9/15/2005 SIA Lobbies for U.S. Competitiveness
  9/14/2005 Electroglas, Teradyne Create SoC Test Program Solution
  9/13/2005 LogicVision Picks Alliance as a Euro Distributor
  9/13/2005 NIST Improves Accuracy Of 'Watt Balance' Method For Defining The Kilogram
  9/8/2005 NI hosts virtual instrumentation conferences in 84 cities
  9/7/2005 August ASE, ASE Test Revs Rise Sequentially
  9/7/2005 Digitaltest Provides South American Support
  9/6/2005 KLA Sues Nanometrics for Patent Infringement
  9/1/2005 Functional test targets Intel silicon
  9/7/2005 The Functional Verification of Electronic Systems
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  9/7/2005 Guide to Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter
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  9/15/2005 Making noise
  9/1/2005 Analysis tools speed up design debug, verification
  9/1/2005 Boundary scan goes underground
  9/1/2005 Double-barreled WiFi test
  9/1/2005 Ethernet Now Available At a Curb Near You
  9/1/2005 How Thin Is a Delamination?
  9/1/2005 Make sense of lens specs
  9/1/2005 Maximizing the Performance Capability of Conducted Immunity Test Systems
  9/1/2005 Measuring space
  9/1/2005 Testability Beyond JTAG
  9/1/2005 Testing Mobile Memories
  9/1/2005 Testing serial gigahertz-speed buses
  9/1/2005 Tests ride the PCI Express
Product Releases
  9/14/2005 Corelis adds Boundary-Scan test and In-System Programming to the Digitaltest ATE
  9/13/2005 Arendar 2006 Test Data Management Software Delivers Multi-Dimensional Test Performance Analysis
  9/13/2005 LeCroy Launches Automated Test Suite For PCI Express Devices
  9/12/2005 Azimuth Systems Adds Breakthrough Functionality to Industry-Leading Wi-Fi Testing
  9/12/2005 Cadence Unveils Next-Gen Verification System
  9/2/2005 Laptops Take Control of PXI/CompactPCI Instruments
  9/1/2005 Hurricane Hunters Use GPS Technology To Predict Katrina Behavior
  9/16/2005 China to Make $67B of Electronics - 94% Imported
  9/1/2005 Top 100 Contract Manufacturers
  9/1/2005 Standards to Improve Exchange of Test Information
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  9/1/2005 How to Select the Right ATE Testing Service?
  9/1/2005 How to Select the Right Vibration Testing Service?
  9/1/2005 Whose Fault is the New Orleans' Tragedy?
AutoTestCon is Not Just for Military Testing Any More
An email arrived in my inbox yesterday, a full two weeks before the opening on September 26th of AutoTestCon 2005 at the Renaissance Orlando in Florida.  The email from Howard Savage, AutoTestCon 2005 Exhibits Chairman, started like this: “Thank you for your participation in AutoTestCon 2005. We are completely sold out of exhibit space.  The AutoTestCon 2005 Committee believes that we will break all records for attendance at this year's show.”

For the electronics test industry that has suffered through trying years – these are words of hope, encouragement and rejuvenation.  The exuberance and anticipation of a great conference was evident with each staff member we interviewed.  Steve Karlovic, General Chair of the Conference, was succinct in his comments.  "This is the first year since 1981 that AutoTestCon has visited Orlando.  In my admittedly biased opinion, we have a lot to offer as a Conference and an enjoyable destination.  My organizing committee has been working hard to make every dimension of the conference the best yet, and have come up with a number of innovations - new Seminars, better management of the Exhibits, and a superb Gala at SeaWorld.  As a destination, we have one of the nicest hotels in recent years (the Renaissance Resort at SeaWorld) and a world of things to do - nearby amusement parks, shopping, outdoor activities, and nightlife.  Everyone should expect a highly enjoyable and productive week!"

The Technical Program has been substantially expanded from the usual 3-track Monday morning and Monday afternoon sessions.  Parallel with these three tracks, AuotTestCon 2005 has three Tool Workshops that in the words of Mitch Lyman, who is in charge of Registration “offer detailed technical presentations on some of the leading COTS products, in two cases with hands-on product demonstrations...”  So if you get there by Monday morning, you can sample six technical sessions at the same time (or stay put in one of the six). Howard Savage, who has attended all 31 of the previous AutoTestCons notices the evolution.  “AutoTestCon has evolved from a single track technical paper conference to a multi-track technical conference and exhibition conference. It is unique in that most of the decision makers for ATE acquisition are invariably present from all of the services and prime contractors as well as many of our international coalition partners.  In addition to the classical ATE suppliers and prime contractors, AutoTestCon continues to attract and add many companies to exhibits and technical paper sessions from sub-contractors which include instruments, power supplies, switching systems, software operating systems and tools, enclosures and wiring/cable assemblies. This year we have over thirty new companies participating.”

These companies are not just the run of the mill military contractors.  According to Bill Birurakis, who is the Technical Program Chair, “This year’s technical program has elements of technology cross-pollination (applying technologies from other industries into our Automatic Test System industry) more effectively and efficiently.  You will also find approaches and innovation in Test Program Set (TPS) development and application, instrumentation, systems, logistics and management as well as core technologies and ideas from an international mix of authors.”  

The exhibit selling out so early can be attributed to greater expectations by test vendors of the attending public’s readiness to do business.  But AutoTestCon has some unique qualities that Howard Savage believes goes farther than that.  “One can meet with a myriad of exhibitors and gain an overview of the trends and state of the art technology in ATE and test technology that can not be obtained anywhere else. In addition, since there are many tiers of subcontractors in attendance, exhibitors find that they actually sell to one another on the floor as they network and discover new products and services available to them. The result has been that the success in growing new business based on AutoTestCon attendance attracts most of our exhibiters to return year after year. This year we sold out of exhibit space, and were not able to accommodate many companies that wanted to purchase a booth.”

Joining these test vendors, you will also find a fair representation of the test media exhibiting, including the BestTest Directory and The BestTest Newsletter from A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.  Publicity Chair, Wil Wilson used the media effectively to spread the word about AutoTestCon 2005 for some time now and it is likely to pay off as well in attendance as it has in selling booth space.

The technical focus of the conference is a significant issue for the attendees.  Bill Birurakis, who works for the US Navy, shed some light on what topics will be covered.  “Several areas of focus can be found including ‘Synthetic Instrumentation’, ATS Markup Language, basic and novel approaches in measurement used in specific applications, Bayesian and Inference Model based approaches for statistical improvement to diagnostics, multi-spectral analysis, electro optics, RF testing approaches, bus based instrumentation, ATS applications, ‘Common Test Interface’ standardization, testing efficiencies, core level testing/measurement of materials and electronics.”  The recently formed LXI Consortium will also be represented.

Howard Savage explains another forum:  “AutoTestCon has become a magnet for other ATE groups to meet at either after hours or a day or two before or after.  Many DoD, IEEE, industry and other committees set annual meetings in conjunction with AutoTestCon. Large companies, use it as a time to meet with engineers from many of their divisions to coordinate on activities.”  He sites as an example “…the Plenary and NxTest session serve as an information clearing house for attendees to gain insight into the future direction and requirements that DoD has planned for support.

Finally, when we all get what we came for, an enriching interaction of test professionals, there is also some room for fun.  The Social Program includes luncheons, golf, wine and cheese receptions, hospitality suites, Tour of Old Winter Park, Disney’s Epcot Center, Kennedy Space Center Tour, Sea World Tours and a SeaWorld Party Under the Stars.  But wouldn’t you rather just hang out around test equipment?

Click here for AutoTestCon 2005

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