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Online Catalog of Educational Courses and Resources


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Welcome to the Online Catalog of Courses and Educational Resources. There are many ways we have for you to find what you want from this catalog:
  1. Using the "Search for Topic or Format-Text" box you can filter the selections by
      a. Keywords, such as "in-circuit," "environment," etc.
      b. Course formats, such as "public," "private," etc.
  2. Read the "What You Will Learn" section next to each course.
  3. For each course of interest, you can click the hyperlinked "Details" to see the detailed course outline.
  4. Check the "Select" button next to titles that are of interest to you.
  5. Press the "More on Selected Titles" button to see what formats and dates are available for these selected courses.
Search for Topic or Format-Text:
3 Records Found
Select A Title What You Will Learn Details
Design for Testability and Built-In Self Test for Boards and Systems You will be exposed to structured scan techniques standardized by the IEEE-1149.1 (JTAG), by other IEEE-1149.x, by the IEEE-1500, and by the recently released IEEE-1687 standards. The course will cover memory BIST, logic BIST and analog BIST and how they can be used for board and system test. It will also cover built-in test (BIT) software, and its goal to provide diagnostic information. You will obtain convincing reasons for utilizing DFT and BIST techniques in your organization's board and system design. Details
How to Design for Testability (DFT) for Today's Boards and Systems Detailed review of the various guidelines covered in the SMTA/TMAG Testability Guidelines. Part 1 of the Webtorial will introduce attendees to the issues surrounding testing of electronic circuit boards and systems. It introduces testing concept and the mix of testers normally used. This includes the JTAG/IEEE-1149.1 boundary scan as well as built-in self test (BIST). With a combination of these technologies, the idea of non-intrusive board (and system) test is explored. The Webtorial takes the view that DFT is the best way to improve test performance and cost effectiveness. Towards that end Part 2 provides specific DFT guidelines. It concludes with exploring new standards and developments in DFT that will improve testing of boards and systems in the future. Details
  Product Assurance Technologies - Originally Published as "Assurance Technologies" This is a hands-on book for design practitioners for designing reliability, maintainability, safety, quality, human factors, and logistics into the product. This is the first book to combine all the design assurance principles in one volume. It was on McGraw-Hill's best seller list for three years and is recommended by the System \Safety Society, Society of Logistics Engineers and American Society for Quality. More ...