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Online Catalog of Educational Courses and Resources


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Welcome to the Online Catalog of Courses and Educational Resources. There are many ways we have for you to find what you want from this catalog:
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  Accelerated Stress Testing Handbook: Guide for Achieving Quality Products Electrical Engineering Accelerated Stress Testing Handbook Guide for Achieving Quality Products As we move closer to a genuinely global economy, the pressure to develop highly reliable products on ever-tighter schedules will increase. Part of a designer's "toolbox" for achieving product reliability in a compressed time frame should be a set of best practices for utilizing accelerated stress testing (AST). The Accelerated Stress Testing Handbook delineates a core set of AST practices as part of an overall methodology for enhancing hardware product reliability. The techniques presented will teach readers to identify design deficiencies and problems with component quality or manufacturing processes early in the product's life, and then to take corrective action as quickly as possible. A wide array of case studies gleaned from leading practitioners of AST supplement the theory and methodology, which will provide the reader with a more concrete idea of how AST truly enhances quality in a reduced time frame. Important topics covered include: * Theoretical basis for AST * General AST best practices * AST design and manufacturing processes * AST equipment and techniques * AST process safety qualification In this handbook, AST cases studies demonstrate thermal, vibration, electrical, and liquid stress application; failure mode analysis; and corrective action techniques. Individuals who would be interested in this book include: reliability engineers and researchers, mechanical and electrical engineers, those involved with all facets of electronics and telecommunications product design and manufacturing, and people responsible for implementing quality and process improvement programs. More ...
  Cabling Handbook, The , 2nd Edition The #1 A-Z network and telecom cabling reference—100% updated! New coverage! Fiber, home networking, cable modems, and much more WAN connections, xDSL wiring-even wireless networks Step-by-step planning, implementation, and management Systematic troubleshooting guide Quick-reference, task-oriented format! The professional's guide to computer and telecom cabling! Completely updated! Fiber, home networking, cable modems, wireless, and more Choosing the right vendors and products Great preparation for Network+ cable-related exam objectives! The Cabling Handbook, Second Edition is a thorough, up-to-the-minute professional's guide to every aspect of LAN and telecommunications cabling, from planning through installation and management. From Category 5 twisted pair and fiber to the latest wireless LAN solutions, it's all here: standards, product comparisons, topology and architecture design, electrical and safety considerations, and more—including invaluable information for anyone preparing for CompTIA Network+ certification. This brand new second edition has been updated with extensive new coverage of fiber technologies, home networking, cable modems, and much more. Rely on this book for expert guidance on: Estimating the cost of cable plant upgrades Choosing the right installer and supervising installation Selecting the optimal cabling system and products Deploying wireless LANs with maximum reliability, coverage, throughput, and security Managing cable systems to minimize long-term costs and maximize long-term reliability Troubleshooting cable system problems rapidly and effectively Expert John Vacca goes beyond LANs, reviewing key cable-related issues associated with campus networks, WANs, and the Internet. You'll find extensive coverage of cable management software and documenting cable systems. The book contains detailed listings of top cable installers, fiber optic cable manufacturers, cable labeling vendors, SCSI, and wireless LAN providers. Whether you buy, sell, or manage cabling systems, you need to maximize quality and minimize disruption—now and for decades to come. One book shows you how: The Cabling Handbook, Second Edition. More ...
  GeoMeasurements by Pulsing TDR Cables and Probes GeoMeasurements by Pulsing TDR Cables and Probes examines Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) research and provides information on its use as a robust, reliable, and economical production tool.Common uses for TDR technology include telecommunications and power industries, but the text examines applications such as measurement of moisture of unsaturated soils; detection of fluids for leak and pollution; measurement of water levels for hydrological purposes; measurement of water pressures beneath dams; and deformation and stability monitoring of mines, slopes, and structures.Chapters discuss:· basic physics of signal generation, transmission, and attenuation along the coaxial cable· probe designs and procedures for calibration as well as the variation in probe responses to changes in water content and soil mineralogy· variations in waveform characteristics associated with cable, deformation, cable calibration, and installation techniques for metallic cables in rock· several cases demonstrating the use of TDR cables in soil as well as weathered and soft rock· a rationale for the use of compliant cable in soil· the use of metallic cable (MTDR) and optical fiber (OTDR) to monitor response of structures· sensor/transducer components, connections from the sensors to the TDR pulser/sampler, and system control methods· available software for transmission and analysis of TDR signatures The diverse interest and terminology within the TDR community tends to obscure commonalities and the universal physical principles underlying the technology. The authors seek to crystallize the basic principles among the seemingly divergent specialties using TDR technology in geomaterials. By examining varied experiences, GeoMeasurements by Pulsing TDR Cables and Probes provides a synergistic text necessary to unify the field. More ...
  LabVIEW for Automotive, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, Biomedical and Other Applications Most test and measurement books focus on theory. This one is radically different: it brings together dozens of the best real-world LabVIEW applications in leading test and measurement markets -- with detailed practical explanations of how each application was defined and implemented, and the results achieved.KEY TOPICS:Every application offers a unique, detailed solution to a common test and measurement challenge -- along with diagrams, expert advice, and hands-on problem-solving techniques from an experienced LabVIEW user. The applications encompass all mainline markets for test and measurement, including telecommunications, semiconductors, automotive, sound/vibration, automation, and more. The goal: to give readers the practical insight they need to build world-class LabVIEW virtual instrumentation solutions of their own.MARKET:For all engineers and other professionals seeking to solve test and measurement problems with LabVIEW. More ...
  Telecommunication Wiring , 2nd Edition From planning to troubleshooting...All you need to know to make wiring a competitive advantage! More than almost anything else, your wiring plant determines whether you can run tomorrow's business-critical networked applications, fully leverage Internet technologies, and support the rapidly-changing needs of your organization. Telecommunications Wiring, Second Edition is the up-to-date, complete guide to making sure your wiring delivers the results you need-today, and for many years to come. From planning new wiring to systematizing and improving what you've already got, you'll find everything you need to know, including: Creating bid proposals that lead to successful, cost-effective installations Practical guidance on architecting or evolving a wiring system Proven plans and techniques for managing installation Documenting and standardizing cabling systems-including how to design a Telecommunications database Ensuring cable security Understanding fundamental wiring theory and practice Telecommunications Wiring, Second Edition offers a coherent, end-to-end approach to designing a cabling system, selecting media, choosing vendors, documenting the system, and streamlining maintenance. It covers both twisted-pair and fiber optic systems, presenting extensive troubleshooting help-and real-world guidance on avoiding problems in the first place. Whether you're a telecommunications or IT professional, technician or manager with responsibility for wiring systems, this is the single source for the information you need most. More ...
  Test Solutions For Digital Networks New telecommunications methods and the liberalization of the market have meant that network providers, city carriers, and systems manufacturers are faced with new challenges and problems: How does SDH work? How do you line up an SDH cross connect? How is the quality of service determined for ATM? How is it possible to determine guaranteed specifications for a 2 Mbit/s leased line? Is separate test equipment needed? What criteria should be used when selecting test equipment? These and similar questions are answered in this book. It is intended as a source of practical help and advice, and as a reference work on the subject of test solutions for digital networks. More ...