Janos Vajda 
  1942 -1999  

This web site is dedicated to the blessed memory of my friend for the 25 years.  Janos was:

On Tuesday evening, February 23, 1999, (8th of Adar) while visiting a friend in the hospital in Methuen, MA, Janos was confronted by the friend's jealous husband, Dr. James P. Kartell.  In a rage of unprovoked anger, Kartell brandished a handgun and shot the unarmed Janos in the abdomen.  As Janos was clinging to whatever hope he had left to live, Kartell delivered a second and fatal shot to his skull. At 6:57 PM, Janos was pronounced dead.

Claiming self-defense, Dr. James Kartell used the best and the worst the justice system had to offer in order to get away from being punished for the murder.  He succeeded to convince the jury to find him guilty of Manslaughter instead of First Degree Murder.  He succeeded to convince the ultraliberal judge to let him serve only a 5 year sentence.  Some or all of the following led to Kartell getting away from receiving a just sentence:  

We cannot help but wonder whether a poor man without a license to practice medicine could have fared so well after committing such a heinous crime.

We originally established this site to share our feelings with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and all those who miss Janos.  We also hoped to find out information that would help bring justice to the case.  We don't know if we played a role in getting a conviction, albeit much lighter than we feel Kartell deserved.  But those of us who used this site to share our feelings and to follow the trial bonded in Janos's memory. 

We have taken away all the linked articles, pictures and trial summaries.  We accept that justice was not served in this case the way we felt it should have been.  Kartell enjoyed far too many privileges for killing a man who, ironically, enjoyed few privileges in his life.  But we move on and keep Janos's memory in our hearts.  We refuse to accept the notion that Janos's worth as a human being is in any way compromised by the light sentence Kartell was gifted.

We will leave only this page and an email address, so that as in our memories and in our hearts, Janos Vajda can live in cyberspace, and those who miss him have some place to write.  The email address remains JanosVajda@BestTest.com.

Louis Y. Ungar

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